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Last Tuesday, we reviewed the best way going forward, and when in doubt, is to ask questions. We now that other members get notified and reverts back... we start a discussion, we get going.


Today, we shall acknowledge the efforts taken behind answering questions. The universal language of appreciation in BMC Communities is by letting them and other know that you found the answer helpful


You can with a simple click mark one reply to a question as Correct Answer, or mark several replies that address a question or build up to a solution as Helpful Answer.



Why mark replies as Correct or Helpful?

  • One Way to say Thank You: Show appreciation to the BMC Communities member that took the time to reply to your question by marking their reply. A click just like a Facebook "Like" could go along way in creating a more collaborative and helpful environment where members help each other by sharing their experiences and expertise. When you mark a reply as correct or helpful, the author of the reply will receive an Inbox notification, thus helping encouraging them to help answer more member questions and even ask questions that you could potentially help answer.
  • Move up the Leaderboard: When you mark five replies as Correct, or five replies as Helpful, you'll earn the Solution Curator badge and 30 points.
  • Highlight the Best Replies: If you found a reply to your question as a solution to your questions, others with the same question will find it helpful too. When you mark a reply as Correct, the original question shows as Answered and the Correct Answer is displayed in context within your original question. Thus, you help others with the same question find the solution faster by skipping the need to ready through multiple replies. Replies marked as Helpful will also be highlighted with a Helpful flag just below the question and also within the body of the reply.
  • Help Improve Search Results: As replies are marked as Correct or Helpful, search results within the BMC Communities and individual product communities are improved. Questions with marked replies have higher ranking in search results helping you and other members of the community find solutions to common question that much easier and quicker.


When you receive a reply to your next question, please mark the reply that answers you questions as Correct. If several BMC Communities members share their experiences and expertise to help you with your question, please mark the replies as Helpful.



Question with a marked Correct Answer

Select the Correct Answer button in the reply to mark it as correct. You'll the Correct Answer button in all replies to your question until a reply is marked as correct.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.10.16 AM.png


Reply marked as a Helpful Answer

Select Actions (lower left corner of the reply) > Helpful Answer to mark a reply as helpful.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.09.03 AM.png


An act of gratitude brings smiles for all.