Many things happen on BMC Communities.

Under a unified umbrella, users from many backgrounds interact and learn from each other, on many topics: technical items, industry trends, partners, and more!


Some weeks ago, we shared this video, explaining the major things happening on BMC Communities.


Developer Network?


One of the busiest area within BMC Communities is the Developer Network, the technical area where users interact on Products and Solutions, sharing tips, lessons learnt, asking for ideas, and more!


Many of us have enjoyed it for years.

The name has always created some debate, since it is a bit misleading.



These communities sure contain developer stuff (often in AR System or Atrium Orchestrator for example), but much more topics:

  • Permissions
  • User Experience
  • Performance
  • Upgrade
  • etc.



The Future: Product  Forums

Let's do something about this name so that it's more meaningful.

2 weeks ago, we introduced the "Industry Forums" renaming


Today, fully in line with "Industry Forums", we're introducing the new name for Developer Network: Product Forums

  • Content will be exactly the same (technical area where users interact on Products and Solutions)
  • Only the name changes, the URL will still work (in other words, business as usual for you all)
  • When: the renaming will happen in the next weeks


Have a great week-end,

BMC Communities team is preparing many great things for you, the next weeks will be a lot of fun