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Mobility on BMC Communities is a huge advantage for the user who can continue interacting with documents and discussions they are following even when they are not logged in. We've also seen how you can have higher value by being able to attach files while mobile rather than simple comments, on discussions. But there might be instances where this system of email notification could go wrong!

email-monster.png The OOO spam!!

Did you happen to come across instances where someone's "Out of Office" messages have spammed certain communities? It happens when someone's OOO Auto responder automatically sends a message to a notification email for activity the user is subscribed to.


The thread is then updated by the Out Of Office message creating another notification by the system which is met by the same response mechanism at the user end. Thus you can imagine how a wall of spam can build up. And it could in all the forums the user is set up for receiving notifications, all when the user is totally unaware of the entire build up!


The Email monster from Sonian's blog


The admin in that case has no other option but to disable the user temporarily before they are back online on BMC Communities.


  • If you have seen such an instance please help everyone by creating a discussion here.
  • If it has happened for you and your account has been disabled, oops , dont' worry, you can claim it back.

OOO without a splashooo-assistant.png!

This is not a common occurrence because the system can filter auto response messages with "Out of Office" in the subject and for different languages. but if the user has set up their own Rules for responding with a different subject, that creates a problem.


That's why be sure to always use the standard 'Out of Office' functionality instead of creating your own rules for auto replies. That way your email would only reply the OOO message to a certain user (in this case BMC Communities) only once and we'd avert creating spam and hassle for our friends in the forums.














Happy vacationing!