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valentine-rose.jpg And the day of Love is here


..... turn on the radio, TV, pick up the morning news paper or step into the social web, we are reminded that today is special.


May be a Don McLean classic never made so much sense:

"And I love you so; The people ask me how

How I've lived till now; I tell them I don't know"


More than a ritual, I think this is a day to feel love, care and to respond, express and connect. And that is the essence of Social media, isn't it?


Today's tip is about connecting with and appreciating others, 2 simple actions:

Lets make a new friend add-friend.png

There are many fantastic people on our very own Communities to befriend.

Mouse over on their avatar to open a menu listing their recent activities > On the bottom of that list you can see the Add a friend option. The system even allows you to send a personal note along with the invite should you like to.


This works the same way as any other Social networking platform and you'll be notified about all activities of your new friend!


Did you know that you have a unified view of all your Friends and their recent activity from the 'Friends' tab on your profile?  Plus control over who to receive notifications from!


Awesome way to tag along your hike to discover BMC Communities

Appreciate someone

like.pngOften we just like an article/document or someone's blog post and we may not have the exact words right then to describe why we do. What do we do in Facebook? We like someone's post!


We have the same capability on BMC Communities!                                        

By liking a post you not only Appreciate the contributor, but just like a re-tweet you help further by announcing to your friends that you've liked something thus helping reach it out to more people!




Happy Valentine's day!

So go ahead and find a new friend, 'Like' some stuff which you find helpful, bookmark and comment, complete your own profile and let others find you as a friend. Have a great day