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Have you ever felt overwhelmed thinking about how to manage and preserve references to the most important resources on the web from the sheer mountains of data we scan and consume through the day?


That critical web page we'd definitely like to fall back upon or that interesting blog post which we don't have the time to go through right away; and for every gem found, don't we like sharing it with others? It's double the joy!


Well BMC Communities allows you to organize your valuable urls for yourself and have a way to share it with your friends.


If you've used Social bookmarking tools like Digg or Del.ici.ous you know exactly what I'm talking about.

In this case it is about bookmarking and sharing your resources native BMC Communities itself and carrying it wherever you go!

3 simple steps:


From the actions panel on the page click on the 'Bookmark this' logo. You can bookmark docs, discussion threads, blog posts, anything you see this logo on.

2. Metadata

    • Notes - give in more details about your bookmark for your recollection
    • Tagging - SEO for your bookmark (gap separated)
    • The Privacy selector - whether to go public with it or no


The logo has a red ribbon now indicating success. You may edit the info you entered about your bookmark in step 2 or remove it.

The benefits:

Social bookmarking is a very effective way to share common knowledge, Social is all about sharing


More searcheable

If you've backed up your bookmark with relevant tags, they'll be picked up in the Search. Not only in your search results but anyone's search around the same keywords. So if you've liked a particular content others might like it too and you've bettered the whole search experience just by tagging and bookmarking stuff you've researched on/stumbled upon.

Manage bookmarks and share

Other users can follow content you have shared this way across a broad area on Communities.

For e.g.. I can view all the content others find value from their profile and they from mine. I get all the bookmarks organized under: User profile > Stuff > Bookmarks


In a way you can check out the popularity of a doc from the number of times it was bookmarked.


You can also view what everyone is bookmarking in BMC Communities right now. from Browse > Bookmarks


Hope you are able to set up your personal library of BMC resources and grow it by borrowing and sharing, never miss recalling that important resource whether you may be logged in from your own computer or any other.