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As users of BMC Communities, you're fully web2.0'ed.

You're using clouds every day, and perhaps you're even preparing a business case for Clouds, or implementing a Cloud.


What Cloud content do we already have?

You probably are familiar with the Cloud Computing Blog,

That's where industry leaders share thoughts about the strategy. Fundamental things to think about, in order to reach the maximum benefits from your Cloud initiatives.


You can sure interact with them, by adding comments on each post.

Actually, very Productive (and healthy, fully open) discussions have started thanks to comments on our Industry Blogs (see last one from Massimo).


And a New born today!

We also want to have open interactions with the users who implement (technically) their Cloud.

So today, we're launching a new technical Community, Cloud Lifecycle Management.


That's where you may want to go if you're interested by the technical side of it (how these things automagically happen):

  • cradle-to-grave control of your clouds
  • seamlessly maintaining the CMDB to avoid creating chaos,
  • unified portal, even managing multi-hypervisor architectures: required for Service Providers, and very useful for Enterprises too (at the beginning, or to have more flexibility, or to avoid vendor lock-in)
  • natively integrating the usual ITIL processes (change, incident, release, service request, etc.) for best transparency and synergies internally


Next Steps

In order to be in the know, you may want to set e-mail notifications on the Industry Blog, and/or on the Tech Community.


Have a great week-end!

Clouds sure are cool, but let's go outside see some sun too )