Already familiar

There are times when words are not enough, we need a screenshot, a pdf or some additional info to explain ourselves better!

We have already seen how to do this as a file uploaded as a document and get to use the cool preview functionality for your pdf's and ppt's.

Not only that, do you know you can also attach files to your replies adding much more value to the thread?


There are 2 ways you could achieve this:


1. From the web

Use the 'Advanced editor' hyperlink from the tools bar on your 'Reply' formadvanced-editor.png. Attaching a file is an advanced requirement.


<< Step 1.







<< Step 2.

That opens up the Reply form and the Choose file button at the bottom of the form allows you to attach your file.




2. From your email

While mobile you have the same capability

You recieve email notifications from if you have chosen to be notified or have started or added to the conversation.


Just reply to the notificationreply-to-notification.png with your attachment just as a normal email.



The conversation would have your reply with the attachment.