I suspect that most of you are on Twitter.

In the past years, I have interacted with many of you with my personal account.


BMC Communities has a Twitter account too, @BMCCommunities


Why do we have an account? Because we are geeks, sure!

But there are other very pragmatic reasons.


Use Cases:

  • We tweet important news about the site: items in About Communites Blog, hot posts within the site, and more!
  • We tweet-or-RT important things about the Ecosystem: successes from Customers or Partners, job posts, etc.
  • We transparently share updates in case of issues on the site (it did happen 2 weeks ago, with e-mail notification issues, so Twitter was a great way to share workarounds, see here)
  • We interact with tweeple who are not aware yet of, and who then enjoy interacting with you all on the site


As with any Social Platform, there are many other Use Cases that could be performed.

  • Do the described Use Cases make sense for you?
  • What else would help you better enjoy interactions with the BMC Ecosystem?