If you are new to BMC Communities and looking to access the Private Communities immediately after signing up, you won't be able to. There is an intermediate validation and granting access piece that has to be done by the admin before giving you access and you have more visibility.


Of late there has been a bulk of access requests the Communities admin is looking into so there may be some delays in processing the requests. We apologize for any inconveniences caused and are working on the batch on priority and will soon get back to the normal speed of delivery which is within 24 hrs.


Till that time you can read some of the tips available on this blog and is fully public.


In the meanwhile if you are a BMC Partner with an urgent requirement to access the Partner areas of Communities and have not heard from anyone on the admin team yet, you could email your access request with your BMC Communities username to

For BMC Employees in the same situation, you could raise a high priority request with the Communities team and we shall promptly look into it.


For all other cases, we greatly appreciate your patience.