bmc-rug.pngWelcome to BMC Social Groups

Participate, Share and Network

Today's tip is about getting maximum value of the BMC Communities from its most valuable asset - people.


Whether you are an experienced deep sea diver or a beginner to BMC Communities, I'm sure you'll find a lot of value with the BMC Social Groups. It's the most convenient way  to get in touch with users in your area and other parts of the world on topics of common interest.


It could also be the coolest networking tool through which you can get answers from a broader base of friends and often from unexpected sources!


Here's what a BMC user says about the value she finds in the blog: Are you familiar with everything on BMC Communities?



"My Co workers around the world interact within local groups in their region, Sharing common experiences has definitely given us a far greater maturity."


Easy to locate, listed under /communities/groups and here a few types of groups currently in BMC Communities:


TopicGroup examples
Local User Group

Connect with people who use the same BMC product

in your area.

French Remedy User Group


Iberia Remedy User Group


Remedy Bay Area User Group

Customer Programs

Interact with Product managers & other users for an early preview of an upcoming release.

Remedyforce Spring 2012 EAP
Common responsibility

become a part of a virtual team for a common cause






You'll find two types of groups:

  • Members Only: Membership is open and non-members can view content, but must join to participate.
  • Private: Membership is by approval/invitation only and only members can view content and participate.


So once you are a part of a Group (after approval for Private groups), you can find your group

Your Social Groups

There are more than 1 ways you can check back on groups you're a part of on communities.

Network & Share with friends

Probably this is one of the biggest things to look forward to. Your involvement within a certain group could get you to a nearby event in your area.

Social group events are also featured from the BMC website


So go ahead and share your Social group proudly with the world, include it in your email signature and mention it in any occassion to people around you. Happy Socializing