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Let's be a bit serious today. Kidding, it's Friday, so not too serious.

So let's prepare a fun week-end by doing very useful tasks.


Secure your Privacy

Ever wondered if your account was safe on Facebook, Linkedin and other platforms?

Recently saw, and used to clean up some access that were not relevant anymore.



Before reading the end of this blog, my tip for you is to give this site a try now, to see how open your Goggle, Yahoo, Facebook, Linkedin Twitter accounts are (it can be scary), and fix when needed.





By now, when you read this paragraph, you should be done with securing your accounts on these platforms.

Feeling better, right?


Let's talk about how it applies to BMC Communities.

If you've read the recent profile > signature and benefits of accounts blog posts, you see how valuable a completed profile can be.


Obvisouly, completing your account is a great step forward.

But it's not enough. You need to make sure that other users have access to relevant information in order to better interact with you.

Hence the following paragraph.

Open your Privacy

By default, we've made privacy pretty secure for new accounts (we sure don't want to leak information you share)

And you can opt-in to share more.

1Profile_link.PNGDisplay your profile: click on your name, on the top-left of your window
2Profile_privacy.PNGClick on this link in the Actions panel, then go to Privacy Settings Tab


For each attribute of your profile, you'll be able to pick:

  • Everyone: anybody can see
  • Registered Users: only users with an account on BMC Communities can see
  • Friends: only users flagged as friends can see
  • Yourself: only you can see


Some Guidelines:

  • In order to make it easy for others to learn from you and interact with you, most attributes (with a Value) should be set to Everyone,
  • Perhaps a couple set to Registered Users (things that only the BMC Community needs to know)
  • If you share very personal things on some attributes, Connections is a good pick.
  • Yourself only makes sense for email for example, or for attributes with no value for now.



You've secured your privacy on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin-like platforms?

And you've tweaked your privacy on BMC Communities, allowing you to get more value from this platform?


Great, you've taken very useful steps!

Have a terrific week-end. The next weeks are goign to be even better now.