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Need to login to BMC Communities but not being able to remember your password?


Passwords and logins are the common overhead all of us have to bear today with the amount of web site or online services we need to access. Login management is more of a story of personal experience and determination. So if you haven't come across the cool Remember me tip which doesn't require you to remember your login for this site, today's post might be just for you.


As a BMC Communities admin I frequently come across users who need help to be reminded about their username or reset their password resulting in a wait time, and that optimal participation enthusiasm might be gone by then!!


With BMC Communities it is a very short process and is Self Service!


1. On the BMC Communities home page click on the 'Login' button on the top blue bar.

2. Clicking 'Login' opens up the Login fields: Username and Password. You can find the 'I forgot my password' and  'I forgot my username' links.



Forgot Username?



The system prompts your email address - Give the email address you have used in your BMC Communities account. If you can't remember your email address*


An email BMC Communities ( containing your username is immediately sent.


Forgot password?

You can either give in your username/ email and you receive an email with detailed instructions and with a link containing a 8 charecter alphanumeric token that only exists for 72 hours.

The coolest part about getting yourself a new password is the password strength analyzer that aids you real time as you carefully include the tips to construct a strong password.



*If you have completely forgotten your Username AND Email address or want you change either of them, the admin needs to step in only then.


We know today that your online profile is your signature and we know about the value of the forums here, hopefully this Tuesday tip would help some users save time and get ahead with actual activity