Happy New Year to everyone as this is my first post to this blog in the new year and like always it's a good time to learn something new in BMC Communities!


Do you know one of the foremost reasons why people choose BMC Communities over other file sharing systems is because of it's ease of sharing, commenting and previewing files?


No need to open up the Power Point or Adobe Acrobat reader programs because we have a cool 'Preview' feature for your slides and pdfs!


Hosting the file

1. If you have a Powerpoint slide deck or a .pdf document you can upload that either as an attachment to a doc or as a File - in both cases there is no change in the structure of the url of the doc produced. Just create a doc in a Community it should belong to.

  • Write a new Document
  • Upload a File *

To have the preview feature enabled choose the 'Upload a file option'

2. The system picks up the name of the file as the title of the doc, edit the title and put in any description you'd like. Publish the doc or Save it as draft.

The Doc is put through a Virus scan process - just to be sure and The Version number is mentioned on the right and it is updated after every change you make to the document.

3. Next, the doc is converted to make it 'previewable.' And if your file is heavy, this step can take some time.

4. And finally you have the desired result.

If you face any challenge during your document upload process doing any of the steps, please raise a discussion here and the admin will get it resolved.

More control on your doc


And within the previewer, just like Adobe Reader you can:

  • copy text
  • Increase your viewing size
  • enjoy a full screen view
  • Navigate to the page by page
  • Directly go to the relevant bit in the doc with a keyword search, AND


Not only that, users can also directly inline comment on your document - Now isn't that cool?