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In 2011, we explained benefits of completing your profile.

Today, we'd like to go a bit further.


Most areas on this site are fully Public. Some of the benefits is that they are indexed by Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc.) so that everybody can find valuable resources while performing searches from these platforms (no need to be logged in on BMC Communities)


So why having an account?

Well, it's like on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter

Do you see Value in having an account on these platforms?

Sure! There are many benetifs, you get far more Value out of them


For BMC Communities, we'll have a quick look at 3 main topics:

  • Web Presence
  • Find more
  • Share and Receive more


Web Presence

By having an account, you "exist on the grid".

Other users (including recruiters ) can see your skills and your team player attitude.

Your footprint on BMC Communities participates to your online resume.


Find More

Thanks to your account, you can easily set e-mail notifications on things that are important for you.

With your account, you may be eligible to advanced view. Magically, some commmunities may happear.

Even better, you can participate to Social Groups, including Beta Programs.


Share and Receive More

Things are very simple.

Without an account,

  • You cannot comment (in a Blog or Document for example).
  • You cannot answer a Question asked by another user, you cannot create a Discussion.
  • Basically, you're read-only. Doesn't sound fun, right?

With you account, you can interact everywhere, share your thoughts, get answers from others on questions you may have.



Having an account enables far more, and is a no brainer for most of you.

Do you still have some friends who "are read-only", who do not get all the benefits of BMC Communities?

You can tell them that we make it very easy for them to be logged in every day, thanks to the Remember Me feature.


Any feedback or questions about this? Add a Comment, using your account (create one here if you don't yet have one)