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Social Networks are very different in nature than e-mails.


When using e-mails, it's very important to have a comprehensive signature, on each e-mail or so, so that receipients can easily follow-up.

Now let's look now at Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter. When you post, or send a message to connection(s), do you add your "signature" ? Nope!


And the reason is simple, that's because all your contact details are maintained directly on your profile (and you don't want to add "noise" on each post you make)


Same applies on BMC Communities: your profile will feature most information, keeping your "signature" to the minimal when interacting


Let's look at the profile of Misi "AR System rock star" Mladoniczky.


Given his very high number of points, the community can trust his skills.

His avatar is his company logo (he uploaded a custom avatar, great idea)

He shares his picture, making interactions far more friendly, and helping to easily F2F at next event


The e-mail and Web site are easy to find, enabling more interactions.

His Bio is a great summary about him, he definitely knows what he's talking about.

Demographics fields are all valued.


His Certifications give more evidence about his skills and passions.

He's member of a Social Group, having more interactions there. We'll talk more about this great capability in another post.

His Tags help to find him when any user searches using such keywords.


And since his profile displays his recent posts (when he helps out the community), it's actually almost a Business Card or a résumé.



Have you updated your profile so that you realize the same benefits as Misi?

What other attributes would you like to have in your profile ?