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This is a tip which is very handy for everyone, for the busy Community fan to a casual user, whoever is interested in a smooth user experience.


As you know, you have to be logged into BMC communities to be able to Comment/Create a Discussion hence adding an extra step of logging in, right? And if you have'nt started by logging in at the start, sometimes it could feel like a break in your flow.

Well, with just an additional click, you can eliminate this step for yourself!


Open BMC Communities from your preferred browser and click on the Login button on the header strip above the main banner. It opens up the Username and Password fields with a Remember Me choice. Check that box.



Your username will be remembered as a browser cookie on your machine and whenever you use BMC Communities on this browser,  you'll already be logged in by default!

RESULT: Always enjoy your broader views of Communities and interact and comment freely without being interrupted for authentication again


Yes - It is the same feature you'd enable for your Gmail, Facebook or Yahoo account for seamless interaction.

And it is completely safe - BMC Does not share your username with anybody and your account is as Private as before.


So don't ever bother remembering your BMC Communities login again, just dive right in!