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Last week, we described how to receive notifications, by opting-in using a granular technique.



Notifications on Apple gadget


A great Use Case is to be able to interact on a Discussion directly from mobile. It works on iOS, BB, Android, Windows Mobile ... virtually every mobile that supports e-mail )


Answering to a discussion is as easy as you could dream of, just reply to the e-mail notification.

It will add an item to the online thread.


It works for Discussions created by others, and also Discussions created by you and where others help out.

As long as you're notified, answering is piece of cake.


Bottom-line: even on the go, you're on the top of everything that matters for you, and are able to interact.




On this screenshot, you see notifications coming from different Communities and individuals I follow. You can also spot a linkedin notif, that I sure kept in the screenshot


Before you ask, everything works seamlessly, it creates a reply with your communities account registered for your e-mail address.


Have you been using this automation? How does it work for you ?



PS: In the next weeks, we'll also describe Value of Web access, you'll see how Web and email complement each other very well.