Once you're on BMC Communities, you can opt-in to be notified of things that are relevant for you.



You can opt-in for notification at a granular level:

  • On a given Community, like Atrium CMDB
  • On a given Document, like this video demo of ADDM+CMDB+BPPM
  • On a profile, like our friend Carl
  • On a Discussion, like ... ok, you get the point


It usually works both ways, you opt-in to learn, and also to share.

I usually opt-in for Products that I want to learn more about, or share my experience on.

And I opt-in also for people I like and want to interact with (so that I'm notified wherever they post)


How do you use notification ?

Any advanced tip to share ?


Update (January 27th): one of the exciting Use Case of setting e-mail notifications in a granular fashion is to easily answer while being mobile