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In the past weeks, we've worked with many of you to assess and improve User Experience on BMC Communities.

Many type of users helped out:

  • Long-term power user, all the way to brand new user (and many in-between)
  • Tech focus, or business interest (many have both)
  • Listener, and/or contributors

Thanks for the very actionable feedback you gave!


One key theme always came up:



In the next weeks, we'll simplify how to find resources and interact on Communities:

  • You'll be able to ask Communities-related questions directly in this About BMC Communities area (no more need to go in Feedback, Help or FAQ sub-communities - we'll move content and retire these old communities): we'll have bi-directional interactions directly here
  • You'll see Getting Started appearing on many areas, helping you to better experience BMC Communities
  • Visuals will help you to navigate within the site and get more Value
  • The very Active BMC Developer Network Community (where Product and Solutions resources are shared) will experience simplifications too: shorter names, less communities


In the spirit of transparency, we'll make announcements on each Community we'll be working on.


Feel free to add comments right on this Blog:

  • Specific request to make ?
  • Need more clarity on something ?
  • Provocative idea to propose ?