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tablet.pngBusiness Continuity

Because I live and breathe in this world this idea would not have come to me on any given day.

Right now I'm blogging from another location using a completely different network and I'm here as a part of a Business Continuity drill by BMC that tries to simulate a totally disruptive situation to your business and how do you cope up with least hiccups.


And here I am logged in from a completely different IT setup, a different city using a desktop computer with none of my familiar software. Once I was officialized on the network - Big thanks to the IT magicians team, there was no looking back.


Seriously and an hour into the drill some business-critical employees still are fish out of water because of the restraints of accessing their usable communications and process utilities.


Reduce friction for your critical processes

While your tools-of-trade might be hosted on a thick client placed on a secured network, and cannot be compared with my utility belt, think of of saas and mobility and ease-of-use elements of a Social Business platform you could use to run some of your critical business processes:

  • During my entire journey to get to this alternate site (3 hours in car) I could keep interacting from my Mobile on key stuff that required my quick responses.
  • All my data points and resources are available to me when I opened up this web interface from the computer. I did not need one more access, remote desktop, shared folder, local copy of any file.
  • Even when I'm not on a con-call/meeting, online collaboration continues to happen within teams I'm working with
  • To jump back on items I'm required my Social Inbox immediately helps me get synced on work
  • And I can see friends from around the world have continued the good work of helping our users


Think of BMC Communities as Pocket Social app - that let's you keep things on the web that you want to access from any place, anytime on any device at a later time. While it may actually not help you to develop on your code, it can certainly come in handy to help you remain close to Business as Usual and help you best tide over unforeseen transition times during disruptions.

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I have a long tenure with BMC Software and have always been inspired by the culture of giving back.  In my office, and locations across the globe, there are several fundraising events and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. These activities bring employees from all organizations together to make an impact on other people’s lives, and usually have a little fun. Last weekend I was fortunate enough to spend some time with 27 other BMCer’s from around the country for a 2-day charity bike ride.


The BMC Software cycling team ‘Bit by Byte’ participated in the BP MS150. This is a two-day fundraising ride organized by the National MS Society. The ride is approximately 180 miles, riding from Houston to Austin. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this is the largest cycling event of its kind in North America. There are about 13,000 cyclists riding each year, with a goal of raising $18 million to fight multiple sclerosis.BMCMS150-Groupphoto.jpg


As the ride approached and I started asking for donations, I heard several stories from friends and family of how MS has affected someone they know. That is when the charity aspect hit home and I realized it isn’t just a fun biking weekend, but a real chance to make a difference in the lives of 400,000 Americans with multiple sclerosis.


This is an event that many participate in year-after-year, but it was my first one. I was nervous, but confident that I could get through it. I tried to keep the stories I heard in mind as the alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. and we all readied ourselves for hours on the bike. I was also able to draw inspiration from this to keep moving as the miles passed and my legs tired.


I finished the ride, and it was an unforgettable 2 days. We got to ride through some beautiful scenery with the Texas wildflowers in full bloom.  I was overwhelmed, and a little emotional as I crossed the finish line each day. There were so many spectators there to cheer us on and holding hands out for high-fives. Some were there to see their friends and colleagues finish, others were there in support of the organization and the loved ones it helps. All the fatigue just kind of melted away as I got a boost from the incredible energy and support they were giving out.


This was an amazing cycling experience for so many reasons, but my best memories will be of the new friendships I made. I got to know incredible people from different organizations of the company.  I want to thank many of them for keeping me motivated during the ride, and hope I was able to do the same.  There were some awesome non-rider volunteers too; they were up with us before dawn, helping to get us where we needed to be, and made sure we were fueled up before and after the ride.  Great ride, great people, great organization!


DSC_5500.JPG.jpgFlowers2.jpgphoto 5.JPG.jpgJana.jpgDSC_5667.JPG.jpgTeamjohnnyguns.jpgteam_am.jpg

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Many of you provided very positive feedback on the Social culture that BMC is demonstrating.

  • For example many great interactions on how social the New IT is
  • And of course, great engagement from you on BMC Communities


On the social (and disruptive) front, we're far from done!

We have many ideas that we'd like to get your feedback on.

Yes, interacting on tentative roadmap items in a social fashion!



Creative ideas at your fingertips


BMC Communities: platform

Because we strongly believe in "fun" (and happen to work closely with Microsoft), we're evaluating to make BMC Communities run on Kodu platform.

Idea owner is Sydney Dent. I've been told that he already has a prototype running (Tesla not supported though).

BMC Communities: platform

Jenn may soon appear on BMC Communities. Based on analysis of the conversation the appropriate content will be created (blog, discussion. document, idea, etc.).

Jason Miller is the proud owner for this Virtual Agent-powered idea.

BMC Communities: User Event

Based on successes of previous User Events (including last week in Bangalore), and growing momentum around BMC Engage 2014 that will happen in Florida, we're thinking about using even more exotic locations for the next events:

  • in 2015, on International Space Station (ISS): seating is limited, but view is spectacular!
  • in 2016, on the moon (discussions have begun with SpaceX)
  • on Mars for 2019, but it's a lifetime commitment

The proposals come from Michele Marques and  Sean (BladeLogic Fan) Berry.

ProductsLaurent Matheo was not heads-down on a Beta Program, so began investigating a Google Glass interface for AR System mid-tier.

Engineers have begun investigating with Facebook what it would take to port BMC MyIT to Oculus Rift.

This idea comes from Dominic Wellington


We're already big in IoT (Internet of Things, see heads-up from Bill), and want to go further.

Amy Pitcher and Anne Brock are pioneering product extensions that would leverage fitbits:

  • ADDM would discover where you are, and propose the healthiest meals for you
  • ProactiveNet Performance Mgmt would monitor your vitals, and send an alert to your doctor when needed


On all these proposals, we're still at very early stages.

As you can guess, we'll not be able to implement them all:

  • please help us prioritize by adding your comments
  • should you have other very valuable ideas, please post them as comments


PS: one idea was rejected (but shared here for full transparency), wiring Bill Robinson to BMC Communities (because we could not find wires with high-enough bandwidth)

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Earlier this week, I virtually sat down with 3 very active Community Members, and we chatted about best ways to be notified on BMC Communities.


The 3 power users who joined the Hangout on Air were: Jason Miller, LJ LongWing, and Laurent Matheo


Inbox FTW

As a summary, all agreed that using the Inbox was the best way not to miss engagement.

Indeed, the Inbox is where users are notified when others interact with them, or with content they contributed to.


Here, "8" is the number of items waiting for you


Once you begin to engage on BMC Communities, having a clean Inbox means that's you're checking out when people are talking about you, or content you interacted on. Basically, you're a good Social citizen.

But because the convo happened with hard core users, discussion moved way forward, and we geeked out on other topics that are very important for them, and probably is useful for many of you:

  • interaction from mobile (phone, tablet)
  • picking the brain of gurus like Doug Mueller
  • finding out other stuff to interact on


Highly Productive from Mobile

Mobile Apps (or mobile-browser-friendly view) are great ways to know what happens, and be able to interact from your phone or tablet.

They give access to your Inbox, enable you to reply, comment, like and even post discussions or status updates.


User experience is of course less rich than full-Web view, but works for many Use Cases.

In the video below, our power users also explain how consumption and/or production can begin on mobile, and continue on Web view.

To know more details about mobile access, check out right here.


Picking Brains of SMEs

A great way to learn from gurus is to follow them.

A couple of strategies here:

  1. Following these users in your Inbox
  2. Following them in a Stream with "Email notif" on (like "Email Watches" below)


Inbox, or Stream?


In last 2 paragraphs, we saw benefits of the Inbox, for quick and productive interactions

Emails have limitations (do not give 1-click access to Comments, or Like, so force you to go back and forth from Email client to Web UI), but can be useful too.


See some followfriday heads-up that were made recently.

You can sure send props to others by posting your own followfriday


Finding other engagement opportunities

One could argue that Inbox is a reactive strategy.

The 3 community members I talked with also have a very proactive approach.

Even without notification, by looking at flow of activities from others, they find opportunities to engage and help our broader.


In order to achieve this, they use Streams they set up (grouping some communities or users), or use Recent Activity widgets.


30min video, geeking out from California, Colorado and France


In the Hangout, we leveraged a prezi-powered presentation, to drill down on the various topics.


The full Prezi is right here.

Don't have a Prezi account yet? Create one and enjoy!


Do you have other tips to share? Questions about these tips? Add comments here!

Community users will reply, and we may set up another Google Hangout on Air if it makes sense.

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rss espresso.jpg

It has been a while I had posted this Tip about being served content on topics of your interest.

Today's tip is all about geeking out with RSS Feeds and some cool Social automation that serves you realtime content when it is created.

<< Image from


1. Define your Search scope and get the RSS feed from BMC Communities

E.g. if you think you'd like BMC Communities be a good source of the 'byod and itsm' world, Use them as your Search scope - 'BYOD ITSM' and pick up the RSS feed from the small RSS icon at the top of the Search results feed.

rss feed for your search.png

The RSS feed is updated whenever BMC Communities has any content Discussions, Documents, Blogs created on the Topics you defined.

So if you like to be served some hot content coffee, you may want to Put the Internet Work for you. Yes that's the promise of IFTTT.


2. If This Then That

The IFTTT automation expects triggers or updates on one side of the equation getting which it can automate certain web based/Social media actions that you define. These equations are called Recipes.


  • First create yourself an account on
  • To get some fresh BYOD ITSM brew, this Recipe could work for us

[if] This: The RSS feed of our Search (step 1) [then] That: A Direct Message on my Twitter account


See here to see details of creating a Recipe on IFTTT

Create the Recipe choosing RSS feed for your if condition and choose from the Then options to suit your style of receiving automations. I like a Direct message on Twitter. There are 100s of other options available: Create a Note on Evernote, Create a Reading list on Google Reader, a file on Dropbox, or an email.

Also see these really handy Recipies available already in the gallery.

ifttt automation.png


- There you are you need to set up this automation Once. Get the content served straight to you over your favorite technology.

Twitter DM.png

Meanwhile in my Twitter inbox

<< This very blog post is served hot to me as the first cup. It indeed is BYOD considering how you can use Twitter effectively to automate work




3. Share your Recipe

Here is the 'BYOD_ITSM content' Recipe that you can start using right now. No customizations required.


IFTTT Recipe: Serve me some BYOD ITSM coffee connects feed to twitter

Do let us know about your IFTTT Recipes, or even other Automation hacks that help you utilize BMC Communities better by Commenting on this blog post.

Stephen Watts

Never, ever, buy a link

Posted by Stephen Watts Mar 21, 2014
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Links are the votes of endorsement that power Google's PageRank algorithm. Links are the single biggest indicator to Google that a web page and a domain are authoritative, and therefore should appear highly in search results for pages with content relevant to a searcher's query.


In order to improve their organic search traffic, many websites have paid to have links built pointing to their site. This is a clear attempt to manipulate search results and violates Google's webmaster guidelines. A paid link is not an authentic endorsement of a site, similar to an advertorial in a newspaper. To let Google know that a link is in fact a paid-sponsorship rather than a natural endorsement, links can be "no-followed" which let's Google know that the link should not pass PageRank.


Meet Matt Cutts. He is the head of Google's Web Spam Team. If you buy links or engage in other tactics designed to manipulate Google's algorithm he is likely to show up and Google is likely to penalize the website.




So what actually happens if you do buy links and engage in engine-manipulative behavior? Google penalizes or even bans your website from search results. It can be incredibly difficult or impossible to fix the damage - many times sites have to buy an entirely new domain and start from scratch with their link profiles.


Below are some major brands who have learned the hard way.



Way back in 2006, BMW was one of the first major manipulation scandals to be exposed.

JC Penney

In 2011 the New York Times covered JC Penney's link buying scandal and the penalties that resulted.



In 2011, Forbes was caught manipulating PageRank.



In 2011, Overstock was caught buying and selling .EDU links



In 2012 a top-notch SEO firm called iAcquire was delisted for link buying allegations.



In 2013 the highly regarded Mozilla Foundation was penalized over user-generated content.


Rap Genius

In a 2013 highly publicized move, Rap Genius was penalized for a link acquisition scheme.



In 2013 the BBC was hit with a manual penalty.



And as recently as 24 hour ago it appears Matt Cutts is on the trail of T-Mobile buying links.


Twitter: T-Mobile & Web Design Link Exchange


What does Matt Cutts think about this?





The moral of the story is this: Do not buy links. Do not sell links. Do not join a "link network". Do not join a "guest blog network". Do not engage in any type of automated link creation. Do not try to manipulate Google's algorithm.


Create great content. Reach out to people you know to share your great content. And under no circumstances, never, ever buy SEO services from a place like Fiverr - it will result in a penalty for the site.

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Many of you might have seen a flurry of irrelevant posts on BMC Communities of late.

Well sometimes that's what happens to very active Communities like ours, and thanks to our great users who make it such an attractive platform for everyone.


Don't worry, we've been rapid to stamp out such posts and users from our Community.

  1. If you find spammy posts, do use the Report Abuse feature and the Community admin will take care.
  2. who are you.jpgAlso we have secured the gates, i.e. New users registering will be manually approved and allowed to create an account.

So it's a good idea to help us identify you better by completing your profile with:

  • your full name
  • Company name
  • Job Title
  • Bio
  • Url to point to your LinkedIn profile

After all, knowing others and being better known is the basic building block of a good Professional network.

Image source

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BMC Software Corporate

twitter.pngfb.pnglinkedin.pnggoogle .pngyoutube.pngslideshare.pngpinterest.pnginstagram.png

BMC App Management


BMC BladeLogic and Automation



BMC Cloud Management

twitter.pngtwitter.pngtwitter.pngfb.pnglinkedin.pnggoogle .pngyoutube.pngrss.pngrss.png


BMC Control-M

twitter.pngfb.pnglinkedin.pnggoogle .pngyoutube.pngrss.pngrss.pngyahoo.png

BMC DevOps


BMC Mainframe



twitter.pngtwitter.pngfb.pnglinkedin.pnggoogle .pngyoutube.pngrss.pngrss.pngslideshare.png


BMC Remedyforce



BMC FootPrints








BMC Performance & Availability


BMC Services



BMC Global


BMC Communications


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Since October 2013, you've probably seen badges, missions and points being updated on BMC Communities.

Check out Missions Overview to have an intro on what was deployed.


In this first wave of the launch, we've learnt many things thanks to your feedback, and the way you engaged.

Before Christmas, new behaviors were added so that Subject Matter Experts are rewarded.


Last 2 weeks of January, launch will be improved in 2 ways:

  1. Introducing rewards for new actions
  2. Re-balancing Points



Launch soon, rewarding good user behaviors (visual credits)



Actions rewarded in January 2014

This launch will again address all users, focusing on synergies between casual users and SMEs

  • Profile completeness: to allow productive conversations, users need to be familiar with each other. Most users now value their first name, last name, Job Title. We want to go one step further and focus on other fields that help individuals to best connect: Biography and URL (btw, don't forget to check privacy on all your profile attributes: usually most of them public, except email that you keep for yourself)
    • Bio: great way to introduce you to the others, in an informal manner. In this free text, you can share fun facts, or anything you want (like your Skype ID)
    • URL: what about making it easy for others to find you on Linkedin or to go on your Blog? By using the URL field, you'll make it 1-click away for users to engage more with you
  • Rewarding Users who engage: Browse BMC Communities (see Overview), interact on posts from others, follow communities and groups, flag answers you receive as Correct or Helpful, etc. By engaging more, you'll provide more value to others in the community, and you'll be rewarded for this
  • SMEs take two: we'll reward SMEs in a couple of new ways:
    • First, we'll reward users who play ball and flag good answers they receive as Correct or Helpful. This quick action, a simple "online thank you", is actually key to curate good answers. And it gives fully deserved points to SMEs, closing the loop.
    • Then, we'll thank SMEs directly for actions they make everyday to help a healthy community, like re-routing posts on the right community: by moving discussions posted on wrong communities, they help the right eye-balls to see the posts, and these discussion get a far better response rate (and more chances to get helpful/correct answers, closing the loop with SMEs)



Re-balancing Points

When we launched in October, usage of the platform was bigger than expected. It's sure a good problem to have, but it created issues, with points of many users to skyrocket at the beginning. Things have slowed down since (thanks to quick actions helped by Chetan Mahendru) and are now stabilized. But points need to be revisited to be fair with all community members.


What will happen: all the points that users received because "a discussions they created was viewed" will disappear from the system.

Thanks to this update, we'll have a healthier baseline for the points, with SMEs going at the top of community leaderboards.


And the Future?

With this launch, we'll be done with the foundations of the behaviors we want to reward, platform-wide.

In the future, we'll use these capabilities for specific programs that teams within the ecosystem are launching, verticalized for their business needs.

As teasers, in 2014, you'll probably see:


Happy interactions on BMC Communities!


To start this launch, BMC Communities will have a maintenance window starting around 6:30pm PST on Friday 17th, for a couple of hours. As usual, we'll keep you informed using @BMCCommunities

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Remedyforce + Social Media: Defined.

85 percent social.png


BMC Remedyforce is a cloud-based IT Service Management solution. The application, built on the platform, is helping IT organizations modernize their approach to IT service management with the mobile, social and collaborative technologies that today’s modern businesses expect. Building, marketing, and selling Remedyforce while the application is at work in customer environments has turned the entire Remedyforce team into a living example of a modern, social, collaborative team.


Learn how the Remedyforce team has made social collaboration part of their workday. Then, put on your social media hat and give it a try.

85% of the Remedyforce Team Uses Social Media to connect with co-workers and peers. *2013 Remedyforce Team Social Media Usage Survey.


How To: The Social Media Tools.


The Remedyforce team leverages social platforms including, LinkedIn, Facebook, the BMC Product User Community, Twitter, and Chatter to stay connected internally as well as with Remedyforce customers and prospects. Each platform opens internal and external communication channels, which increases knowledge sharing and improves customer communication. An issue might come up on Twitter, the team discusses the solution on Chatter, then follows up with the customer. This communication process maximizes team engagement and results in happier, more engaged customers.

RF Team.png

97% of the Remedyforce team says social media is Important to their ability to do their job. That includes Marketing, Product, Customer Service, IT, and more.


Remedyforce Online User Community: The team has made the Remedyforce user community an online customer destination. Customers use the forum to ask questions, and provide feedback. The Remedyforce team members use it as place to learn about customer needs. Users stay engaged with new content and discussions – in FY14 engagement spiked as 31 new posts drove nearly 1500 views per posts. The team’s work has taken it from a Top 13 BMC User Community to Top 7. Now, the goal is to be in the Top 4.


Remedyforce Chatter Group: Chatter is a social collaboration tool that drives internal information sharing. The general Remedyforce Chatter Group posts 50 discussions a month about everything from industry information to IT functionality to customer support. Each Remedyforce Chatter group post averages about three comments, which means the Remedyforce team is crowdsourcing answers to their questions from all parts of the BMC organization and engaging in broad, solution-focused conversations that get results.


Remedyforce LinkedIn Group: With more than 850 members the Remedyforce LinkedIn group keeps users informed on updates, training opportunities, best practices, comments and questions, and more. The group, started by European partner Infravision, demonstrates how partners are learning from Remedyforce to successfully implement social collaboration technologies. Engagement and usage has gotten so strong that seven subgroups have emerged, which lets users interact more granularly in their geographic regions.


Remedyforce Twitter: Twitter, the 140-character revolution. In FY14 the Remedyforce team made Twitter a focus because it’s a direct line to customers, prospects, and industry influencers. The feed has grown by 260 followers, expanding the reach of the Remedyforce message with more than 450 Twitter mentions, nearly 400 retweets, and more than 1000 clicks on shared content.



Helping a Customer: Team members monitor for product mentions, then discuss internally before responding. When possible, the team drives users to more Remedyforce programs – like the online user community.



Extending Engagement: After the Remedyforce team addressed the product question the user was directed to the online user community, turning a one-off interaction into an ongoing engagement opportunity. Bonus: They sent a direct message (“DM”) with their contact information for offline support.


Social Media + You: You Can Do It.

Remedyforce Global VP of Sales, Carrie-Ann Mosley offers some tips on social media success:


  1. Be consistent and targeted with your touchpoints. You can’t do a bunch of Tweets and LinkedIn posts at one time then nothing for a week. You need a predictable frequency for the best results.
  2. Add value with the information you are giving. It can’t always be self-promotion. Your content has to be informative so the customer can apply it to their business. It also positions you, your product, and BMC as a resource.
  3. Invest in tools to help you manage social media because the only way to stay on top of the content flow is with a console. For Twitter, Hootsuite offers an amazing dashboard that helps monitor interactions, conversations, and schedules Tweets so you’re keeping consistent.
Matt Laurenceau

Happy 2014 to You all!

Posted by Matt Laurenceau Dec 31, 2013
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2013 has been a big year, with lots of things happening, for example:


Crowd at the WW meetup in San Jose, CA (speaker here is Doug Blair )


Thank you all for your engagement in 2013!


2014 will be busy and exciting:

  • We'll perform several clean-ups,
  • Many Product & Service launches,
  • In October, the very exciting user event in Orlando
  • And many more!


In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful 2014!

Happy New Year!

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Due to the Direct message spam, we've modified the capability and basically Direct messaging now can only happen to people who follow you.discussion-users.png


So how do you communicate in Private with 1, or 10 users now?

Thanks for Serena Lambiase for asking this question and testing out the solution, the answer is a Discussion within Specific people.


So you need to have a private convo, headsup between people, Create a Discussion between them.

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dave-roberts-headshot.pngAt its core social media is about thought leadership, offering users a way to connect with influencers in a particular field or industry. Social media allows you to not only learn from experts, but also position both you and your company as an industry resource to media, analysts, prospects, existing customers, and more.


Learn how to increase your visibility through social media with Cloud and DevOps Senior Director of Marketing David Roberts. For real time examples follow him on Twitter, @sandhillstrat.


Sales Prospect:

Social media is a great place to find and build relationships with potential customers, as most customers seek out as much information as possible before making a purchase. When I am in the customer role I want to hear from the segment’s thought leaders on tips like, the best vendors, the best deals, how to get the most out of the service or product, etc. With social media you can easily find and aggregate that information, making it a powerful tool for marketing and sales professionals.


Pain / Need:

When I follow someone I’m saying I want to know what he or she knows so I can get better, more effective, more efficient, etc. I’m looking for solutions to my challenges.


Personally, I use my social presence to my burnish my credentials and position myself as a resource to people who are interested in marketing, technology and BMC technologies. Everyone can do this with their respective professions, their knowledge about their industry, and their company.


Lead Time:

Given my marketing role lead time isn’t the same as someone in sales. In my position social media has really opened the door on softer lead times in areas like media and analysts outreach. We no longer have to worry about inundating this audience with pitches as social media makes it possible to stay in front of them regularly, and more informally. Include media and analysts in your social circles. They are always looking for fresh insight and information. A social media presence reinforces you as an industry resource. Just be care of what you say and consider the ramifications of your posts.


Social Tool Mainly Used:

Social media tools allow me to get involved in conversations about the industry and BMC. I blog and distribute content via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, but I keep Facebook personal.


Twitter lets me lightly call attention to topics. I use Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule Tweets in advance. I find Buffer works best for simple, quick output.


Feedly acts as my RSS Reader – it became my replacement when Goolge Reader went away. Feedly integrates well with Buffer. In the morning I quickly get through the news of the day, then easily inject things into Twitter.


I use Google+ tactically. Ultimately, it’s a really powerful platform, but a bit complicated, which I think has stunted growth. I think it’s a better platform than either Twitter of Facebook because it was developed last; I see it evolving into something bigger. It just doesn’t have the critical mass yet. I use it similarly to how I use Linkedin with content distribution. I generally don’t do a lot of discussions, commenting, or +1ing (the G+ version of retweeting). I pop in, do a post, and pop out.


The Process.

Social media channels help me distribute information and establish credibility, which shows that not only Dave Roberts, but also BMC by reference, is a company worth doing business with because we understand the marketplace and our customers.


We plug our BMC content as well as content from other industry professionals or companies. It’s important to communicate our message, but we also want to incorporate other views by validating, refuting, or addressing other points on industry issues. Addressing issues and using other content as examples also boosts our credibility.


Are you “sold” on using Social Selling tools?

  1. From here on out social media is a necessary part of marketing. Social media tools are rapidly evolving. I think tools like G+ are going to rise in prominence, while others fade. Be ready to adapt to the shifting landscape and keep your social skill current.


As I said earlier, social media allows us to really burnish personal and corporate reputation. From a corporate perspective, companies have to be online to monitor the conversation. I’ve had some interesting interactions with companies recently where I complained or made a comment about them and the social team got back to me literally within a couple minutes. That needs to happen more regularly to keep the conversation going with customers and prospects.


What should others do?

Make social media an intentional part of your day. Just be careful with how you handle it because it can be a big time waster. For example, I don’t typically keep Twitter open during the day. My goal is to have it within arms reach for easy access, but not so accessible I am interrupted every few minutes.


Identify content and do quick read throughs of the news. I generally schedule three or four tweets each day using Buffer. Be structured with your posts; separate business and personal, but don’t be sterile.


Sometimes I follow people on multiple channels. But, I generally don’t discuss the same topics across channels.


Finally, find the key movers and shakers in your industry and don’t be afraid to interact with them. Ask questions and retweet content. All these things will raise your profile and you’ll be off to the races.

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We continue to tweak and rollout the point/reputation system.


This week-end, we'll have a maintenance window to add new things.

Outage will start on Friday 6th, at 6:30pm PST, and last 6 hours max.


definition of expert-resized-600.jpg

visual from Acuity

We'll credit new behaviors, that will benefit to the many Subject Matter Experts interacting on BMC Communities, and helping the bigger ecosystem:

  • answering questions from others (be sure to flag as Correct or Helpful, to curate good answers)
  • proactively enabling, by blog posting


SMEs, are you ready?

Let's prepare for Xmas gifts!


In our goal to simplify Experience, we also plan to do some terminology/acronym simplification, removing LNU.


As usual, we'll communicate on maintenance progress via Twitter, using @BMCCommunities.

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We strive to make it very easy for all of you to collaborate on BMC Communities



It definitely works great for the vast majority of users.


But in the past days, some evil users have been sending Direct Messages (or even posting public content) that are definitely fishy or spammy.


I apologize for the inconvenience it created.

Do not follow up with the senders on these posts (but you can sure Report Abuse for best crowdsourcing of evil users)


Several actions are being taken, by various teams around the world.


Pradnya Himane's team (Anirban Dutta and more) have been working on securing content:

  • Evil accounts were shut down
  • When possible, evil content was deleted


Security teams are investigating on the users who made these posts.


At the same time, there are various activities going on to secure your experience:

  1. The ability to send Direct Messages (DM) now behaves Twitter-style: user A needs to follow user B (aka show some trust) in order for B to DM A.
  2. Several anti-spam automation tweaks are being performed


Happy collaboration!

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