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What"s a Community? A set of people, with a shared goal.


Why is a Community so powerful?

Because  people know each other, and care about each other.

We'd like a pause and send kudos to many of you


Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 14.35.21.png

No such profile: on BMC Communities, real people interact with real human beings



Everything began with a very informal post, Highly memorable profiles? (yeah, a lot of us care about off topic items: we tend to stay cool and take it easy )

We were initially willing to give kudos & points to the Top 5.


But then many of you engaged, so we looked closer at how profiles evolved in the past months.

Surprise. We had a problem, a very good problem to have.

Many of you now have a very memorable profile!


So we had to adapt, and delayed this contest to make it more meaningful.

Jury was formed with Digital-minded people from Americas, EMEA and APAC.


And we looked at Community Members who have:

  • Engaged recently (sure, people increase value of the Community when they interact)
  • Compelling profiles, illustrated by:
    • custom avatar (yep, we don't want to see the default anonymous avatar)
    • Memorable Pictures, with you and/or your team, or things you like, or intriguing visuals, etc.
    • Other profile attributes: Job Title, Company, URL...


With such a big Community, with so many people in various countries & roles, interacting around various products and Use Cases, it was quite a task!


People we spotted

Many of you indeed, grouping on columns so that the list is not too big: (no specific sorting )


rodrigo barcat
Crystal Ashton
kedar zavar
Mohammad Rehman
Andreas Kunz
Paul Donders
Babar Shamsi
Marek Ceizel
Parag Ghanekar
Jerker Billberg
Ingrid Stone
Chris Troyer
John Wisdom
Lorraine Sanner

Wayne Staton

Ross Cochran

Feli Brachthaeuser

Karen Farrell

Juraj Bercik

Christoph Klapetke


Bhanu Prakash Badiginchala

Brice-Emmanuel Loiseaux

Holly Mullins

Ganesh Gore

Abhay Bhagat

Mark Francome
Adriano Gomes
Paul Robins
Robert Stinnett
Keyur Patel
Tully Krastins
Ilyas Shaikh
George Lau
Juan Pablo Ojeda
Markus Keller

Steve Gibbs

Philipp Ernicke

Creton Fabrice

Julien Devienne

Nicolas Roome

Vern Meyer

Jacque Donald

Romuald Bois

Cris Coffey

jacquie harrison

Stefano Omini

Martin Faulkner

Lorenzo Lissoni

Peter Davenport

Martin Penev

Tony Chung

Peter Lundqvist

Crystal Crenshaw

Tamara Ehmoser

Carl Wilson

Anne Brock

Mohammed Gharaibeh

Phillip Brockhaus

Gustavo del Gerbo

Gajanand Patil

Theo Fondse

Ankit Tiwari

Abhay Bagalkoti

Dieter Bertram

Petrus Johansson

Andrew Waters

Brian Morris

Hitesh Jha

Chris Hughes

Jean Louis Deshairs

Mark Lemar

Jan Sierens

Kerryn Wood

Ryan Nicosia

Sidhdesh Punaskar

Sanket Mhatre

Al O'Connor

Razeem Mohamed

Patrick Mischler

Reto Streit

Ash Hall

Stefan Hall

Ben Davies

Bill Robinson

Drew Trachy

Aryan Anantwar

Paul Seager-Smith

Gordon McKeown

Roland Pocek

Scott Crawford

Meeta Lalwani

Greg Michael

Seth Paskin

Neena Ahirrao Guha

Kapil Dingore

LJ LongWing

Greinger Longbotton

Patrik Stanz

Katie Carty Tierney

Alvaro Paronuzzi

Nischitha Markand Rao

Deepa Bhat

Pascal Junker



Next Steps

If you're featured in the list, celebrate, you'll get extra points for being short-listed.

If you're not listed but believe you should be, just comment so that we check out your profile and engagement

In the next 2 weeks,

  • extra points will be given to Members of this list
  • If you still want to improve your profile, and run for extra contests (Halloween, Go Crazy, etc.), go ahead and do it, then add a comment
  • Vishnu Nair will declare the final winners
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What is BMC Communities Survey?

Well, BMC Communities is a platform for You, powered by You; and it is only fair that you get a voice in deciding its future by letting us know what you love here, and what you think needs to be improved. We run these surveys every six months, and your comments are taken into account for improving the Communities experience.


Take the 5 minute survey now!


Why should I take this survey?

Since our last survey, we have been working on many points/concerns you raised, and made significant improvements. Here are some highlights:


Your Feedback
Actions Taken

Need answers to all the questions asked in product communities

Until a few months back, in BMC Communities we had more than 100 questions ignored each month (which did not receive any answer). Things started changing a couple of months back; with around 50 more questions getting answered than the total number of questions asked! That means Community Members also worked on the backlogs. This turnaround was made possible with the help of our product champions!

Need more knowledge articles allowing comments

In the last six months, we have enabled comments for knowledge articles in many product communities including Client Management , TrueSight Server Automation , TrueSight Network Automation , TrueSight Orchestration , Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt and more.


See the full list here: FAQs on Public Knowledge Articles on Communities

Request for a simplified community structure

We have merged some of our communities to avoid silos, to keep up with our brand voice, and have a better experience for our members.

Better onboarding experience

Those who recently joined BMC Communities would have experienced a seamless registration process; and in addition to that, if you are auto-logged to Communities from any other BMC websites, there will be a pop-up to assist you with some basic action items! This popup will be tweaked according to your points level in our next release.

Recognizing the champions

Those amazing members who spend time to answer all the questions, and help grow the communities deserve some recognition! All the top members from our leaderboards are invited to join a 'champions only' area to get to know each other. We have also started spotlighting them one by one in our new 'Meet The Champions' blog posts, so the entire community gets to know them better.


...and much more!


Take the survey, and grab more points!

To make this even more interesting, we are gifting +1000 points and a profile badge to all our members participating in the survey. All you need to do is take the survey, come back to this blog post and comment how BMC Communities help you succeed.


The survey ends Monday, 30th September 2019.

Take it Now!

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We're ready to share analysis and take-aways of the March '19 survey.

As usual, it was a great processes to interact with you on things you love, like and dis-like on BMC Communities.

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 14.54.00.png

Visual credit: SuperOffice

Many successes

Quantity or quality? For this survey, we had both quantity and quality!

We had 11% more responses than the previous survey. Great growth in Control-M for example

With 669 responses, we're confident that the survey represents what the vast majority of Community Members want.


The level of satisfaction is also all-time high,

  • globally on BMC Communities
  • overall for features: login, post, search, etc.
  • overall for programs: KB Articles, Blogs, Betas, Ideas, etc.
  • for all product families


We're very happy about this feedback, but always want to learn from you about ways to improve, so we focused on the issues you pointed out.





Improvement Areas


Your feedbackActionsStatus & Next Steps
You wish to have more comments about ideas you postWe're working with several product teams (especially Product Management) so that they not only look at the top idea, but also comment on them even more (to be honest, many of them do already), so that you have feedback about how your idea resonates

While we continue to work internally, we also have a call to action for you all:

Please walk the talk, and comment on ideas from others.

The more you do that, the clearer the idea will be, and the more productive it will be for Product Managers to then have aha-moments and informed decisions.


For more, please engage on Ideas FAQ

You'd like to seamlessly comment on KB Articles, allowing quick crowdsourcingWe've now enabled comments on KB Articles from the vast majority of Products

You can go ahead and comment on each KB Article, to let us know how they work for you (including improvement ideas).

Bonus point (yep, treasure hunt) if you can find KB Articles that do not yet allow comments, and let us know by commenting below this post


For more, engage on FAQs on Public Knowledge Articles on Communities

You requested more awareness around Beta Programs

We're making progress in several directions:

  1. We're now running beta Programs for more products (yep, we're even touching new product families)
  2. We're improving the way we communicate for each beta program, so that you do not miss any (it may mean several reminders for each)
Make sure you follow the Products you care about, and you'll be notified for each program
You'd like it to be even faster to find your product communities

What we did:

  1. we added metatags with keywords (for example "dwp"), so that you can easily find communities when using the top-right Search: Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 10.22.09.png
  2. We continue simplification for community names, removing acronyms/names from the past: for example ADDM is being removed from Discovery, and MyIT removed from Digital Workplace (but the respective keywords still work )


What we recommend you do:

  1. Go ahead and follow communities you care about, you can then quickly find them in Your Places.

The technical modifications have been done on BMC Communities.


We're working with Miles Escow on a Favorite concept, so that you can easily select your favorite products, and they will appear as communities you follow

You'd like more awareness of Partner Community

We have a public Partner community, where you can learn more about Partners, and engage with them.

And if you're a partner, you have access to private communities

Have a specific question about partners? Ask it on their community, and things will move fast


What do you think about these changes?

Will they indeed improve your experience on BMC Communities?

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Now that March survey is closed, it's time to prepare April (on this 1st day of the month).


I'm not ready to share detailed survey datapoints, but you all can celebrate, with these highlights:

  • we had 11% more responses than in Sept 2018 (that was already higher than March '17)
  • the responses are also very positive! (and insightful too, for things we need to improve)


Thank you make making BMC Communities a great place to connect, share & discover.

Far less communities?

Let's think about big impactful things we want to do in 2019.

We see a lot of value in reducing fragmentation, making sure that people learn more from from each other.


What if we merged some communities to force this?


Since we didn't want to be biased, the grouping proposed below was done randomly, and we'd like your feedback:


Communities to be merged (final name TBD)Comments
Remedy ITSM and TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt2 very big (and mature) communities, it should be great
Control-M and TrueSight Server AutomationRobert, wouldn't it be great? (perhaps you influenced the random choice )
TrueSight Capacity Optimization and DiscoveryWe've been lucky that both of them focus on the server/back-end infra, not the client side
Digital Workplace and TrueSight Operations MgmtWell, Tamara, Roland, how would it work out?
Client Management and BMC Helix Cloud Security & CostThis would be an interesting mix, I wonder what will come out of that
BMC Helix Remedyforce and TrueSight OrchestrationOhhh, that sounds like a very interesting mix
MainView and Track-It!Rarely used in the same shop, so mingling Members should have interesting results
Customer Support Community and Customer ProgramsAs far as I remember rules, Beta Program Members need to have a Support contract (right Loretta?), so that could work out fine
Jobs/Careers and Off TopicBecause we want workstyle to be fun, don't we?
Sentry Software and Italy User GroupBecause Bertrand would probably love to visit Roma, and Venice


Next Steps

If you agree with these grouping, please let us know by commenting.

If you have any concern with this grouping, or have other fun groupings to propose, please comment.


If we have more green lights than red lights, we'll proceed with the merges in exactly 1 week, by April Monday 8th.



No kidding, survey results are exciting indeed (a lot of positive feedback, and also things we need to work on to provide a better Experience for everybody)

We'll share them end of April, exact day TBC.


We've simplified a lot Communities in 2018, we'll only do minor tweaks in 2019.


In the meantime, enjoy today, and share some humour as comment


visual credits

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Well, what's happening?

Okay let me give you some background here. Every six months, the Communities Team runs a survey for its members; and the goal is to understand You, what you love here, and valuable suggestions; all leading to help us design a better BMC Communities experience for you.



Take the 5 minute survey now!



Why should I take this survey?

BMC Communities is created for you, powered by you, and your feedback is the most important thing to create productive experiences.


Reasons_Sept2018 (1).png

More people use BMC Communities to help others by answering questions, than to ask a question.

(Source: Sep '18 survey)



For instance, since our last survey in September 2018, we have taken into consideration some of the suggestions from you, and delivered on it.


Your FeedbackActions we took
  • We need a way to provide feedback on knowledge articles
  • Make knowledge articles easier to find                                                                               

We enabled comments on knowledge articles for most of our products, latest being Remedy AR System Remedy ITSM CMDB and Digital Workplace from Remedy stack, as well as MainView, Solutions for Db2, and Solutions for IMS from the Mainframes world.


To easily find knowledge articles, there's now a dedicated search bar in the middle of the page when you go in the Knowledge tab of the product communities.

  • Getting responses to the questions we ask is our priority
  • It should be easy to find the correct answers for the questions within communities

The number of questions without any response is gradually going down; thanks to our champions (customers, partners, and BMCers).

These champions are also helping us with more answers marked as helpful/correct. We've grown around +50% in the number of questions marked as helpful/correct each day.

  • We have to always re-login to communities even if we are logged into other BMC websites

Starting last September, we've implemented a passive-authentication mechanism where you'll be automatically logged into communities, if you've logged into other BMC websites in the same browser session.


...and many more good things.


More incentives for you

Well, let's up the game by a small challenge where you can gain points too! How about that?

Finish the survey, come back to this blog, and make a public comment on how BMC Communities help you succeed. All respondents will receive +1000 points in their profiles, along with a profile badge. 

The survey ends Sunday, 31st March 2019.

Take it now!

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Happy Valentine's Day


The Day of Love is here!

More than a ritual, this is a day to feel love, care and to respond, express and connect. Isn't that the essence of a thriving community as well? We care about helping each other, and there are many people who have been here with us doing that for a long time now; selflessly spending a part of their time to make BMC Communities a better place.


Our Top Champions


collage test 2.png

Do you recognize these champions?



How do we celebrate?


This Valentine’s Day, share the love with the Community members, not just the super champions above, who answer your queries and offer helpful advice. Let them know they’ve made your day a bit better.

@mention your champions in a comment below to share a fond memory, and as a token of appreciation you'll receive 143 points in return. Psst... the best story/memory will receive much more points too!
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Well, what's CMAD?


CMAD stands for Community Manager Appreciation Day, which hails on every fourth Monday of January - that's Today! This is an occasion to recognize, and give back to those superheroes who help you succeed, leveraging the power of people.



Today we will celebrate CMAD with a huge shout out to our beloved community managers, who made BMC Communities what we see today. Some of them would be familiar to you, some work behind the scenes; devising strategies to nurture and grow various programs that you experience here. Let them know how he/she is making an impact and what more they can do to help you.


Meet & Greet our Community Managers


Service Management Communities


Peter Adams.png

Peter Adams

Sr. Director of product management,

All things Remedy & Helix

John Gallagher.png

John Gallagher

Digital Workplace rock star!

Helping the Community since 2004

Stephen Earl.png

Stephen Earl

Product manager for CMDB

Antonio Vargas.png

Antonio Vargas

Product manager for Discovery & Helix

Virginia Leandro.png

Virginia Leandro and Team

The force behind Remedyforce

Cris Coffey.png

Cris Coffey

Track-It! product manager,

Enjoys skiing

Eric Liszt.png

Eric Liszt

Director of product management

An awesome strategist!

Serena Lambiase.png

Serena Lambiase

Principal product manager,

Client Management, Helix & more.

Raphael chauvel.png

Raphael Chauvel

Area VP, Head of product management




Operations, Orchestration & Automation Communities


Seth Paskin.png

Seth Paskin

Your go-to-guy for TrueSight products

Anthony Bryce.png

Anthony Bryce

Director of product management,

Server Automation and more.

Maria Riccelli.png

Maria Riccelli

Our TrueSight Capacity Optimization expert

Kapil Dingore.png

Kapil Dingore

Product manager,

TrueSight Orchestration

Criss Scrugg.png

Criss Scruggs

Sr. Manager,

Solution marketing for Control-M

guy eden.png

Guy Eden

Sr. Director of product management,





Mainframe Communities


Carolyn Henry.png

Carolyn Henry

Director of solution marketing,

Mainframes Solutions

Richard Solomon.png

Richard Solomon

Director of customer success,

Mainframes Solutions

Kevin McGuinn.png

Kevin McGuinn

VP, customer success

Mainframes Solutions

Lowell Higley.png

Lowell Higley

Product manager,

Mainframes Solutions

Stefanie Scott.png

Stefanie Scott

Lead solution marketing manager,


susan rice2.png

Susan Rice

Lead product manager,

MainView Monitoring

paul spicer.png

Paul Spicer

Product manager,

MainView Middleware Management

David Schipper.png

David Schipper

Product manager,

Solutions for IMS

Phil Grainger.png

Phil Grainger

Product manager,

Solutions for DB2




Program Communities

Many communities are not focused on just one product, but cover most of our portfolio.


May Bakken.png

May Bakken

Magician for Developer community,

Helix worldwide evangelist

Loretta Seto.png

Loretta Seto

Runs awesome

Beta Programs

Daisy Tam.png

Daisy Tam

Beta program magician

Karen Farrell.png

Karen Farrell

Partner Communities Queen

User # 61 on BMC Communities!

Susan Duroff 2.png

Susan Duroff

Sr. Manager, channel operations

Pam Fitzwater-Johansen.png

Pam Fitzwater-Johansen

Sr. Director, channel operations

Samantha Amend.png

Samantha Amend

Early adopter in Premier Support groups

Matt Fitzgerald.png

Matt Fitzgerald

Trending in Premier Support groups

Jesse Richardson.png

Jesse Richardson

King of Customer Support




Be a part of the celebrations


CMAD is all about appreciating the community managers for their hard work, and you can definitely treat them with a coffee, give a hug (if you see them in person) OR

@mention your community manager in the comment section below, and let them know how they helped you.


Also visit their profiles, and follow them in your Connections Stream to stay informed.

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With 2018 reaching an end, it is time to look back, celebrate the success and growth of BMC Communities which wouldn't be possible without your continuous feedback and support. We also have a fun game for you to unlock some digital gifts.



Let's celebrate key achievements in 2018


More and more people utilize our knowledge articles to find answers to product related queries, many product communities have enabled commenting on their knowledge articles, helping them improve. To ease your access we have made some changes at our authentication system, where you don't have to login again to Communities if you are coming from docs or support. In June, we conducted a communities meetup for India chapter and it was a great experience to connect with our customers, partners and fellow BMCers offline. Many of the attendees could try out the mobile experience live, where we fixed the major concerns around replying to discussions through a mobile device!


Yes we had our fair share of setbacks too! We fought together against the spam attacks and because of your help, Communities is now a much safer place. We thank you for your patience and support throughout all the hardships we faced, as a community.


Wishing you a season of joy and continued personal and professional success in 2019.





Participate in the Happy Holidays Quest


Starting next Monday, December 17th, you will see a new 'holiday themed experience' (I don't want to spoil the surprise ) in certain pages of BMC Communities. Let us know in the comments below where you found it and stand a chance to win digital gifts. Don't worry if you have a strict 'away-from-everything-work' policy, we will run this contest for next four weeks, till January 11th, and the pages where you'll find the 'surprise' is going to change every week!


Rules of the game


  • Everyone who finds the Holiday Surprise, and comment under this blog post will be awarded 100 points (one time).
  • Weekly winners will be picked randomly and will be rewarded with lot more points.
  • These winners will be announced and featured in this blog post every Monday in the duration of the game.
  • Have fun and celebrate this holiday season together!


Meet the winners!


Week 1


Crystal Crenshaw.png

Crystal Crenshaw

Communities member for 4 years.

Remedy expert,

working with SECU in the USA.

Nicole Schackert.png

Nicole Schackert

Communities member for 1 year.

FootPrints consultant,

working with CK7 GmbH at Germany.


Razeem Mohamed

Communities member for 6 years.

TrueSight products expert,

working with Sentry Software at France

Week 2


Tamara Ehmoser

Communities member for 9 years.

Lead technical consultant,

working with NTT Data at Austria.


Marcelo Maia

Communities member for 7 years.

Control-M specialist,

working with Inforegis Tecnologia Ltda. at Brazil


Ilyas Shaikh

Communities member for 4 years.

Control-M consultant,

working with VyomLabs in India.

Week 3


Cindy Anderson

Communities member for 2 years.

Remedy expert

at Southwest Gas Corporation in the USA.


Steve van der Merwe

Communities member for 6 years.


working with Onsoft at South Africa.


Pascal Junker

Communities member for 9 years.

Project Manager,

working with ITConcepts at Switzerland.

Week 4


Rebecca Beatty

Member for 7 years, Lead Programmer

Analyst at Transamerica focused at

full Remedy stack all the way to Discovery


Naveen Kumar N C

Communities Member for 5 years,

Discovery Team lead at Ericsson,

from Bengaluru in India


Igor Smrdelj

Member for 9 years, Head of Department

of IT user support technologies

for Triglav Insurance in Slovenia, with

Remedy stack and Digital Workplace


Congratulations to the winners these past weeks.

Happy 2019 to all of you!


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In September, a whopping 600+ of you responded to the Communities survey. We also had 200+ public comments, thanks for your engagement!


Satisfaction is moving up on BMC Communities, globally and also when looking at details:

  • on all features: login, posting, interacting...
  • and most Programs: Discussions, Blogs, KB Articles, Events, etc.


Also, 41% of you declared using BMC Communities daily (and 43% weekly). The figures are backed up by our site stats, and illustrate how active our Communities are.


of survey respondents use BMC Communities daily or weekly


OK, let's call it done for celebration.


Our goal is to address your concerns, so let's list key "improvement areas" you've given:

  • KB Articles: how to easily give feedback on Articles? How to make it easier for you to find them?
  • Discussions: ways to have more Helpful and Correct answers? And less questions without any answer?
  • Ideation: can we have more feedback on the ideas that are posted?
  • Profile: making it even easier to login, and personalize your Communities profile, with your identity


In the next paragraphs, I'll describe actions we're taking to address (or at least make progress) on each of them.


Should you be interested in a specific topic: just click on it below:

Knowledge Base

Commenting on Articles

KB Articles on BMC Communities are creating a lot of value.

It is now the Program with best CSAT (even higher than Blogs!), and traffic on these resources is still growing:

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 09.09.54.png

Each month, 50k+ Unique Visitors on KB Articles


Several of you have requested comments to be allowed on Knowledge Base Articles for a couple of Products that do not allow it yet.

Thanks Marek Ceizel, Lars Mahrendorf, Stefan Hall, Henrik Hauchwitz, Shameem JS, Mohammad Rehman, Fritz Erlangga, Robert Burton, Martin Froewis, Martijn Haverhoek, Ali Khoshkar,


Stepping back: comments are currently allowed for:


We are working with Support Management to soon allow comments for the Remedy stack (Remedy AR System, Remedy ITSM, CMDB, Digital Workplace)

We see this as an efficient Case deflection tactic (benefitting all Community Members and Support teams), and are looking forward to helping productive interactions on KB Articles.

Cameron McConnell and Brad Schmitt shared with me their latest plans a couple of hours ago, they are planning to allow comments for KB on the full Remedy stack around Xmas. Exciting, isn't it? More details on this soon.



Finding KB Articles

There are already several ways to help you search KB Articles, and we're testing new one's

Heads-up Angeline Law, Rick Ruitenberg, T. D., and Henrik Hauchwitz who gave us feedback on this topic


As you know, they are indexed on, so you can search on the web with any complex query pattern.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 09.16.49.png

Google drives traffic to this WMI Queries Fail.. Article


On each KB Article, you can see:

  1. related resources in the right rial (Incoming links and More like this),
  2. and a link (at the bottom) to go KB Articles for this product community

At the bottom of each Article, others are 1-click away



On each Knowledge tab (see here for Discovery for example), we're proposing ways to help you find relevant content:

  1. We feature some KB Articles, and also give you ways to browse them by Category (Admin, Install/upgrade, Tips & Tricks, Troubleshooting)
  2. New we're testing a search capability (for now, only for products that allow comments, see live list on KB FAQs), that will search resources in this very product community, see screenshot below please test it out and give us feedback about this feature


Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 11.26.41.png

In-context, for given product, search KB Articles




Many product communities are so active that some questions fall into the cracks.

  • some of them (on average 5% each month) do not get an answer at all,
  • many answers are not flagged as Helpful or Correct (that's a bummer, that would help everybody else to easily spot good knowledge).

Thanks Razeem Mohamed, Sarah Winthorpe, for elevating that concern


Email notification footer reminding everybody


We're taking 3 approaches:

  1. We'll give more points to people who show good behaviours: reply to a discussion, flag as Helpful or Correct, or receive a Helpful or Correct on their answers
  2. We're changing the Email template to remind people to not only "reply by email, with their Email client", but to go online, and engage on the comments that they received
  3. We're working with key TrueSight community Members so that a systematic approach is done for these products. Should you be interested, comment and this blog post, and Timo Schmidt & Roland Pocek will help





While ideas are seen as a transparent approach to manage RFEs (far more than a back-box process ), there is concern in the Community regarding some ideas being ignored, by other Community Members and eventually by Product Management.

Thanks Juan Jose Algar Ortega, Mark Edwards, Patrik Stanz, Linda Kirkpatrick for your feedback.


We're taking 2 actions:

  1. We are working with various Product Mgmt teams to ensure alignment on the processes.
  2. Also, we want to make sure that you all walk the talk, and engage on ideas from others too: please do what you'd like others to do on your ideas (once a week, 10min max each time?)  look at the ideas tab for the product you care about, comment with what you feel about them (how could this very idea create even more value), and vote.


On all Product communities, you can focus on ideas, and engage


As you can guess, the 2nd tactic (really crowdsourcing curation of ideas) will help our Product Managers to best prioritize all the ideas (the highly valuable one's will bubble up).

To reward these actions, we're boosting up the points you get when commenting on an idea



We want to continue to ensure you have a productive personalized experience on BMC Communities, allowing you to connect with others and succeed.

As a consequence, we want you to:

  1. Very easily authenticate
  2. Personalize your profile (so that people connect with you, nobody wants to talk with an anonymous avatar


Advanced SSO

We're using shared credentials (unified login/password) with Support, Docs, Academy... for the past 2 years.


New Late Oct, we've finalized to roll out some new technology, called passive authentication. It makes sure that if you're logged in on a given site (like Support or Docs), your session follows when you then go on BMC Communities, so that you don't have to click Login again, you're already authenticated, ready to engage.


In 1 month, 3k of you benefitted from this seamless authentication

Have you noticed this change?

Your username

We adopted SSO 2 years ago, and you don't have to use your "username" to login on BMC Communities, but your Email address (authenticating you on all sites).

It's still very important on BMC Communities, that's in you profile URL (exactly like on Linkedin, or Twitter)


As any nickmane or pseudo, we see that you care about your Communities username (I do too, for myself ), and pick very specific one's. And not sure I know the stories for each. See for example:

Unfortunately, since a username is a core system property, there is currently no self-service way for you to personalize it (or even to request the Communities team to change it).


We're fixing that!

We're now providing you a way to have your username updated. Next time you update your profile, you'll see a way for you to request your username to be changed.




To celebrate these changes on Communities profiles, we're also updating the default avatar.


Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 11.18.39.png

Looked quite strange, didn't it?

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 15.17.00.png

Looks much better, doesn't it?

That's only the default avatar, we make it generic enough so that you want to personalize it, and upload pixes (other Community Members will connect far more with you with a real picture, nobody wants to talk with an anonymous avatar)



We'll monitor in the next months how activities happen on these topics. And in March, with next Communities survey, we'll learn from you progress we've done.

Any feedback to give? Comment below

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How are we doing?


Thanks for using BMC Communities. To help us improve, we'd like to ask you a few questions about your experience so far. It should take you less than 3 minutes to finish, and your answers will help us make BMC Communities even better for you and other users.

Begin BMC Communities Survey


Your past survey feedback helped us achieve many things:

  • Powerful mobile experience: Using BMC Communities on a mobile browser was the lowest rated feature with 3.1 out of 5 (March'18 Survey). Since then, we looked at the major issue (not being able to create a content or reply via phone) and fixed it. Have you checked it out already?
  • Knowledge Base Articles: This remains as the best rated BMC Communities program, maintaining a CSAT of 3.8 out of 5 in the previous survey. The product communities with CSAT above average include TrueSight Operations Mgmt, Discovery / ADDM, TrueSight Capacity Optimization and two more communities as follows:
    • BMC Helix Remedyforce joins other top communities to enable commenting on the KB articles, allowing you to share your live feedback or ask a question directly on the article.
    • Control-M that also enjoys highest traffic to KB articles. Congratulations!
  • Events on Communities:
    • Webinars - Interested in learning more about TrueSight products and their functionalities? Join Seth Paskin in his next webinars.
    • Communities meetup in India - Thank you Tarun Sharma, Manjunatha G & all the GOSI members (thanks to Heather, Prateek & team) who participated & made Communities Meetup - Pune, India, in late May, a huge success. More details and pictures in India User Group.


We're always working to improve the BMC Communities experience, so we'd love to hear what's working and how we can do better.

The survey ends on Sunday, 30 Sep'18. Take it now

All respondents are guaranteed with a profile badge + 1500 points. To be eligible, please complete the survey and comment below with how BMC Communities makes you succeed in your professional life.

Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback


UPDATE: adding decisions taken, Sept '18 survey take-aways

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We finished March with exciting comments from you all about BMC Communities, and the value you were getting out of it (see March Survey also featuring public feedback, yeah, we're that authentic )

What we learnt in the past months

While we're processing the hundreds of survey responses (with cross-tabs, correlation, variance and more data science fun), we'd like to give early feedback:

  1. Overall CSAT
  2. Program update
  3. Community Profiles



With partial datapoints I have while I'm authoring this post, let's celebrate, we reached an exciting CSAT milestone:


67% of respondents rated BMC Communities 4 or 5 stars.

Thank you! Not only for giving that feedback, but for actually being the people who deliver such great Experience.

You all create such successes, by engaging on BMC Communities, sharing with each other


In the Communities team, we're only making sure to connect people, and fostering knowledge exchange and engagement (the blood of any Community).

I'd like to thank key people who are helping this magic:


Program update

The other exciting feedback is that the Programs we're introducing help you all:

  • Knowledge Base Articles
  • Learn Experience (on some communities)
  • Community Profiles


Knowledge Base

As an example, the Knowledge Base Program (public Support Knowledge Articles appearing natively on Communities) is now the Program creating the best satisfaction!


Yes, even higher than very powerful Programs like Blog posts or Beta Programs for example.

I can guess we'll have a very healthy race between these Programs, to be the first in the next round of the survey, in Sept 2018.


Let's credit the Community who creates best for CSAT on this KB Program, that's TrueSight Operations Mgmt / TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt.

Congrats Kristen Linehan Grace Moceri and team for this great success


Ohhh, the KB Program is not only a success in survey responses (very subjective point of view), we also see exciting usage with strong traffic & engagement:

  • the engagement we get on KAs illustrate the value they bring
  • the traffic (including Google/Bing long-tail searches) is very high (exceeding expectations) and growing each month


Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 14.24.48.png

Visits on Knowledge Articles on BMC Communities


Learn more

Did you notice that we silently launched some Learn tabs in a couple of Product Communities?

Many of you sure did, traffic has been growing 2x WoW each of the recent weeks

The goal of these "pages" is to curate very valuable resources for a given product, making sure you can quickly learn about a product, or a new release of this product.

In order to achieve that,

  • we make sure you're exposed to a small set of resources
  • On each resource, you can engage: make a comment (with a question or feedback), bookmark, share, etc.
  • we welcome your contributions: make sure you post documents that enable about a specific them/feature, and they'll be considered for this Learn page

Where would you want to see that initiative going? Please comment with thoughts


Community profiles

We've noticed that many of you do not have a complete profile:

  • no photos, or at least no avatar (this small visual is what people see first, near your name, when they see engagement from you)
  • no Job title, or Company
  • wrong country


It's highly valuable (for you) to have a complete profile:

  • people interact far more with somebody real than with an anonymous avatar
  • in your URL profile field, you can include your Linkedin profile, increasing even more chances for Career growth.
  • and more, many more!


What we're anticipating for the next months

Simplifying Communities

We're heard from many of you that you want simplicity, ease of use, so we'll be simplifying various Product communities,

  • sometimes retiring (or at least moving) communities that do not make sense anymore (goal is for the Products menu to be far easier to use)
  • sometimes merging communities because there is big overlap in shared purpose and audience (goal is for all remaining communities to reach critical mass of users).

Any specific Community that you believe doesn't have enough Activity? Please comment and share your perspective

Growing Communities Activity

You've seen hints recently of more engagements from champions, including BMCers

You'll experience more in the next weeks.


Knowledge will spread around at social-speed if you use the BMC Communities platform capabilities at their best:

  • Following key Communities you care about, Following (In your Communities Inbox) key experts
  • Using top-right Search to easily find resources (content), place (communities, groups) and people
  • Completing (personalizing) your profile


That's how I like to see Sean and Rick

Shall we begin with a fun profile game?

What if you added an informal photo on your profile, and comment below so that we check it out?

As you can guess, Sean and Rick, as  great Community Members, did not wait for this post, they already have an informal picture on their profile, and are familiar with the Off Topic Community.


Go have fun with your profile!


Want tips for your profile, including avatar, photos and profile attributes?

Shadab gave some here.

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You've run in to a problem with a BMC product and you're looking for help from other users of the same software. People with more experience who may have run into the same, or similar, problems in the past.  Before you click the Submit button, take a moment to put yourself behind the keyboard of another Communities user...


Does your question contains all the information you would want to see if you were being asked to help solve the same problem?  If it does, great, post away!  If not, perhaps a few minutes spent adding some more details may help save you time in the long run.  What could you do to help others recognise the problem and make it more likely that they will take the time to respond?


The table below lists some examples of the type of information you should think about including in your question.  Whilst adding any of these won't guarantee that your problem will be solved by the first reply, I'd very surprised if they didn't help improve the quality, number and speed of replies your post receives.


What to provide
Product name and version.Features and functionality change between versions.  Defects are identified and fixed and other people may have experienced similar problems on the same version.
Platform type and version.Some problems may be specific to the OS/platform you are running the product on.
Details of any error messages and where they are seen.The full text of an error may contain additional details that explain its cause.  The location of the error - the screen or a log file - may also be helpful.
What actions are being performed when the error occurs.To help the reader understand what you're doing and where in the software you are.
Does the problem happen every time the same actions are taken.It's helpful to know if the problem is intermittent and what may be different about the cases where it does/does not reproduce.
Do all or just some users encounter the problem.As above, it may be helpful to understand if just certain types of user experience the problem.
When did the problem start and what changed at around this time.Although not always obvious, there's usually some change related to the cause, even if it is simply that you have started using some area of the software for the first time or in a different way.
What have you already tried to resolve the problem and what was the result.Let us know what you've already tried so we don't suggest the same things and waste your time.  Details here may also highlight misunderstandings in how the product works or steps that have been missed.
Feature configuration details.Details of relevant settings can help pinpoint configuration errors or provide context to help understand the environment where the problem is seen.  As noted below though, remove or obfuscate sensitive settings such as passwords, user and host names.
Relevant logs.Sometimes logging from the product is the only way to really understand what's going on.  However, take time to review the logs before you post them to make sure sensitive information has been removed.  If the problem is sufficiently complex that logs are required you may want to consider contacting Support rather than continuing in the Communities.
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Today we celebrate the International Women's Day to recognize women's rights and their achievements in various fields, but 24 hours is too small to celebrate womanhood across the planet. We Celebrate You and your engagement on BMC Communities for all 365 days! With women dominating across domains, it is time to #PressforProgress and continue rocking.


BMC Communities thanks all the wonderful women around, those who are an integral part of our community, for being a catalyst in our success. You are our Super Heroes!


Here are some of our Wonder Women who make BMC Communities a better place to be. Can you recognize them all?

Womens Day - BMCC.v3.jpg





Our beloved customers and partners

Anne Brock , Kelly Deaver , Isabelle Guitton , Christina Koob, Conni Kunz (and many many more...) leading the way!

Stalwarts of Service Management

The ever powerful team of Virginia Leandro , Jennifer Schertz , Serena Lambiase, Amy Pitcher and Lisa Keeler

IT Automation Champs

Suma Bhat , Dani Scherer , Soumee Phatak and Kim Wharton FTW.

IT Operations Queens

Maria Riccelli & Grace Moceri ruling it!

Workload Automation Warriors

Super awesome Kelsey McRae  & Criss Scruggs

Partner Communities and Beta Programs

Karen Farrell , Daisy Tam and Loretta Seto helping our partners and customers win.

IDD & Customer Success Teams

Michele Marques , Shweta Hardikar , Gomati Mahabal , and Deepa Bhat (now in Ux) making their presence known.

Bringing events to local user groups

Andrea Schula for Deutschsprachige User Group , Ina Shpak and Angelina Sayfi for Central User Group , Na Yi for China User Group

and many more...

May Bakken and Vidhya Srinivasan with DSM/Innovation Suite/Developer Community, Samantha Amend with Premier Support and Helen Krizek-Yost making your voice heard through surveys.

also... The BMC Communities Core Team

Puja Kumari who does all the tech magic, the ever helpful Joanne Dixon from customer care, analytics queens Marina Schubow, Rashmi Agarwal and Laboni Basu ; lastly Alexis Brown and Shannon Gburzynski for all customizations and making BMC Communities look pretty.




How can we make your day? Comment below with anything that we can help you achieve on BMC Communities today.
Always at your service!
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Missed out giving your feedback in March? Here's your chance again: Live Now: Take the BMC Communities Feedback Survey, Sep'18

p.s. like last time, we have secured digital gifts for all of you yet again!

It's time when we open the window of discussion, gather your collective feedback and re-think on how we can improve the BMC Communities experience further. An opportunity for you to provide your feedback on current programs & features, suggest overall improvements & more.


We highly value your time, keeping that in mind, we have shortened the survey by 35% and it should now take you less than 3 minutes to finish it.

Begin BMC Communities March Survey(now expired)

Your past survey feedback helped us achieve many things. Here are a few worthy mentions:


- More questions answered: This remains the top most thing to enhance your experience on BMC Communities (based on previous survey results). And hence, our top priority as well.

Have you noticed anything new with  Remedy ITSM, Control-M and  Remedy AR System recently?

Also, we are developing bots that notifies Products SME when your questions haven't been answered (it sometimes misfires too: Strange "Champion Wizard" post recently? ).


- Knowledge Base Articles: We added more enablement resources, helping you get answers quickly and learning more about BMC products, in the form of knowledge articles. This quickly became one of the top rated programs, with you giving it 3.8 out of 5.

Track-It!, FootPrints service desk,TrueSight Capacity Optimization, TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt, now have commenting enabled as well, allowing you to give feedback and improvement ideas on specific KAs.

With 40k+ of you (unique visitors) now enjoying the knowledge articles hosted of BMC Communities every month, making it far easier for you to find resources (answers) from experts.


- Webinars & on-site meetups powered by events feature:  Lastly, the introduction of a very powerful, Facebook-like events experience, native to BMC Communities. You can now create, RSVP/invite friends and add these BMC Communities events straight to your email calendar. Remedyforce has been doing exceptional job in using this feature to reach out to hundreds to discuss product releases, integrations, promoting self-service and in-person user group meetups. Check out the upcoming Rf event  here.


We have a special surprise in store for all the respondents. To be eligible, please finish the survey and comment below with your major use case on BMC Communities in 140 characters or less.

The survey ends on Friday, 30 March'18. Take it now.

Thank you for your time and input!

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Dear BMC Communities family,


With 2017 drawing to a close, it's a perfect time to reflect on the ending year and those who have helped to shape the future of BMC Communities. It’s been quite a year for us all! We hope that this year has been just as memorable for you, your colleagues and your loved ones. We look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Happy Holidays and warm wishes for 2018!


All of you who have been incredible in 2017. However, there were some who stood out. Your continued engagement & passion to help others in 2017 made BMC Communities a far better place for BMC Customers and partners to be. Here's to you!


  • Ms/Mr. Popular: your content got maximum likes - You folks are the ultimate user: you post something and got hundreds of likes flooding your way in 2017. Goes to show your knowledge and wisdom is unparalleled, making many succeed. Take a bow! Thank you very much Anne Brock, Sidhdesh Punaskar & Jason Miller.
  • Content Beast: producing maximum content-  You folks are content producing machines, producing hundreds of documents/blogs/enablement videos for others to benefit from. Three of you combined published almost 500 content on BMC Communities in 2017 alone, congratulations Karen Farrell, Alexis Brown, Samantha Amend.
  • Sunshine: liking maximum content - You guys are the jedi, your knowledge and giving attitude made the day for several thousand users. Great job Jason Miller, Mohammad Rehman, Samo Puharic and Marek Ceizel.
  • This person is always right: your replies got maximum 'correct answers' - The ultimate bragging right. You guys are on a roll! Very impressive work  kedar zavar, Mohammad Rehman, & Sidhdesh Punaskar.


A special shout out to some of our partners & BMCers for who also shined in many of the above mentioned categories:


Once again, we are so glad to have you as our esteemed users and look forward to serving you in the future.

What are your top 3 business goals on BMC Communities for 2018? How can we help you achieve that faster? Talk to us in the comment section below.


See you all in 2018!

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