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Mohd Elfendi Mohd Dahalan
Hi BMC,   I need a help on this. I have a request to configure a job that will show a result a below   2018-07-16\t02:00:00   does i write a command as %%$OYEAR-%%OMONTH-%%ODAY.%%PARAM2  … (Show more)
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Jason Miller
BoF = Birds Of a Feather  When responding to William Clary's reply to Bring back the option to buy "bare" or "plain" ARS Server without any apps it made me think "I wish there was a place customers…
Shadab Ashraf
It's time when we open the window of discussion, gather your collective feedback and re-think on how we can improve the BMC Communities experience further. An opportunity for you to provide your… (Show more)
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Stefan Hall
Hello I think smart reporting has become an established, important product. The discussions in the area Get Started with Smart Reporting no longer focus on 'Get started ...' either.   Long speech,…
Matt Laurenceau
Your account on BMC Communities is your Digital self on the BMC Ecosystem. We've always recommended you to keep your existing account (never creating a duplicate one), and personalize it.   Source:…
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Mohammad Rehman
Hi Matt Laurenceau / Shadab Ashraf   I came across interesting calculation when searching one of the member and noticed, the profile of the member says last login December 31, 1969. It seems date… (Show more)
in Using Communities
Mohammad Rehman
Hi Matt Laurenceau / Shadab Ashraf / Vishnu Nair and team,   I responded one of the member and referenced external url in discussion, later got message from community member unable to open and… (Show more)
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