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Using Communities

Learn how to best benefit from BMC Communities, ask questions about online engagement tips or guidelines

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Matt Laurenceau
What"s a Community? A set of people, with a shared goal.   Why is a Community so powerful? Because  people know each other, and care about each other. We'd like a pause and send kudos to many of… (Show more)
in Using Communities
Eric Plunk
I suggest the IDEATION process gets fixed, or BMC brings back Requests For Enhancement (RFE).   Please vote, like, mark as helpful, and comment.  ;-)
Peter Lundqvist
On Friday I posted this idea(*) to the Remedy ITSM community Show more than four items when relating assets to work order On Saturday it was rejected and I do not understand why. The notification… (Show more)
in Using Communities
Michael Evans
Hey @BMC folks - I think BMC would do well to implement a Bounty Program.  The bounty could be paid for Bugs as well as Ideas.  Payment can be in Kudos, TShirts, Cash and Recognition at BMC Engage.  …
Gabriel McGinn
Default Ideas created by users to being Up voted on by the submitter.   It seems like a redundant step to both request and then to have to like your own request.
Greg Michael
How do we configure our Connections Stream/Inbox/Notifications to ignore "Marked as Helpful" notifications?  Unless someone is marking my specific comment or note as helpful, I really don't need to… (Show more)
in Using Communities
Marco Bellusci
Today it's not possible and I see a lot of chances to improve Control-M.   Or is it just me, doing something wrong?
Eric Plunk
My recommendation is this -->  Discovery   ... instead of this -->     The current page is default sorted by Recent Activity. …
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