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by Michele Marques, Manager, Information Design and Development (IDD)


From time to time, I look at the number of views for my blog posts. I want to see what interests you. My ten most popular blog posts are:

Blog postWrittenNumber of views
BMC Remedy 8.0 documentation now available at docs.bmc.comOctober 201210469
Tuesday three-by-three: techcomm posts and linksJune 20113793
Don't just read on -- write on!January 20103744
Video tutorialsFebruary 20102999
Could facebook influence technical communication?September 20072858
How do you define documentation?February 20102233
Reusing content on a documentation wikiJanuary 20122147
BMC Atrium Core 8.0 documentation now available at docs.bmc.comOctober 20121890
What do you expect from a documentation wiki?May 20111862
Cool news about ITIL® and BMC SoftwareMay 20091795


What do the numbers indicate?

My most popular blog post by far isn't even in this blog. It's the product documentation announcement that I wrote in the blog for the BMC Remedy Community. I'm not surprised there are many people interested in the BMC Remedy product. I'm more surprised that I wrote some posts that are more popular than another product documentation announcement.


With only one exception (Don't just read on -- write on!), all my other popular blog posts have stuck to the overall purpose of this blog (exploring new directions in technical communications). Probably a sign that only a few of you will be reading this off-topic post.


Other factors contributing to some posts being less popular

  • Even old posts get a few views every month. It might take time for my recent blog posts to build up numbers to make it to my top 10.
  • I haven't been blogging regularly for the past couple of years. It's mostly people who blog on a regular basis who have a regular following.



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