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Guest blog post by Deval Faldu. Deval is an intern working at BMC Software. She has a diploma in technical writing and a management degree in Finance. Her personal interests lie in reading books (strictly fiction - or non-fiction, if strongly recommended), watching movies, and listening to music.


Conference volunteers and presenters from One BMC.


22nd June dawned a beautiful day squashing all our fears of heavy rain that might have affected the participation at the STC Pune Zip conference 2013, hosted by BMC Software, at Pune. We were delighted to see a huge number of participants already assembled at the entrance for the registration before time.


Around a hundred people attended the conference that included documentation managers, senior writers, mid-level writers, and aspiring writers. It was deemed as the biggest gathering of technical writers at a regional level.


Tarun Sharma (Senior VP and Head of BMC India and Ukraine) welcomed all the attendees in his opening speech. Little did we know that Tarun himself is an author of technical books and his affection to technical writing surprised all of us. He graciously offered BMC Software premises to host all the subsequent STC conferences.


Jaya Choudhary’s session threw light on the intricacies of documenting in a Lean Model Software Development, a world apart from the Agile Methodology that is followed in BMC Software, in a short span of 20 minutes. The Lean Model Software Development eliminates the waste at the end of every TAKT (the Lean term for a production cycle). This methodology is in contrast to the Agile methodology, which breaks down the work into time-bound iterations, where the product is usable at the end of each iteration.


Jaya’s session was followed with an introduction to open source software from a documentation perspective by Aakansha Singh, who helped us understand the different styles of documentation practiced in the open software industry. This session was particularly interesting for the BMC IDD team members, as the IDD team was not previously exposed to developing documentation for open source tools.


Paresh Naik’s session on What the Manager Really Wants from You was based on a book by R Gopalkrishnan on What the CEO Really Wants from You. Paresh invited all the managers attending the conference on the stage, and the participants threw a volley of questions at them to decipher what managers seek from their colleagues. Prachi Karnik won a copy of the book What the CEO Really Wants from You, from Paresh for asking the best question to the managers.


Nabaneeta Sarkar enlightened us with different types of videos and their uses. She took us through a journey of various videos that we can create. She stressed the importance of organization’s need for having a content strategy for videos.


The Zip conference was packed with a lot of demos for various tools useful to a technical writer. Mira Balani demonstrated the use of Microsoft Project, a powerful tool for tracking projects and releases followed by a demo on Madcap Flare by Prachi Karnik. Aakansha Singh and Neelam Shendye conducted a workshop on Publican, an open source, command line, XML-based authoring tool.


Abhijit Wakhare conducted an interesting session on documenting in an uncertain environment.  A lot of his points resonated with daily challenges faced by a technical writer.


Ramesh Aiyyangar (President, STC India Chapter) and Frederik Menezes provided an update on the STC India activities.


The sessions were concluded by Makarand Pandit demonstrating 5 power tools: Speech-to-text, Drawing Tool, eBook Creator, PDF Protector, and ePUB Editor in a matter of 25 minutes.


Paresh Naik from BMC concluded the conference with a vote of thanks to all the participants and also thanked STC for giving BMC the honor of hosting the event. All the participants praised the efforts put in by BMC folks to make the event a success. The BMC folks in black t-shirts also made a lasting Impact.


To quote a few participants on their experience:


As soon as we reached, we were really impressed with the hospitality BMC offered us, right from parking the vehicle till taking our seats. BMC gets a 10 on 10 there.” – Manash Baruah, on his blog.


What is more important is BMC has expressed its willingness to host such events in future too. This is a great example for other companies to follow suit. Kudos! BMC.

Awesome is the only word for all organization, team spirit, and all the courtesies extended to the participants.” – Ramesh Aiyyangar, STC India President

From the day we started discussing the idea I knew that I could count on BMC’s team. The overall conference feedback reinforces my sentiment. Participants were extremely happy with the arrangements and many even envied the infrastructure and the team spirit.” – Makarand Pandit, STC Pune City Representative

The postings in this blog are my own and don't necessarily represent BMC's opinion or position.