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- By Michele Marques, Associate Manager - Information Design and Development (IDD)


Looking back on 2012

2012 has been a busy year for me and for my team. For the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 8.0 release, we released our documentation on Customers leave comments on documentation topics, and my team makes updates to improve the usefulness of our documentation. My team loves the opportunity to interact more with customers. If you're a BMC customer using our documentation, we hope you'll leave comments - let us know where you have questions, where you have constructive criticism, and what you'd like to see more of.


I wrote a blog post about the BMC Remedy 8.0 documentation in the BMC Remedy community. And I helped the BMC Atrium IDD team get a blog post out about the BMC Atrium 8.0 documentation in the BMC Atrium Platform community. We're also getting the word out on @bmcdocs about our documentation. If you're a technical communicator, how do you get the word out about your doc updates?


Sadly, I didn't write much in this blog in 2012. Just three posts:


Goals for 2013

I'm hoping to blog more in the coming year - but I'm not sure that I'll become an avid blogger. Some people seem to write blog posts quickly. They write an entry every day - or sometimes several in a day. I find that I usually need an hour or two to write a blog entry. How long do you take? What are your tips for getting out blog posts more regularly?


I'm reasonably active on Twitter. For 2013, I'd like to be more focused and less random. I set up a couple of new lists - a TechComm list to follow technical communicators, and an Industry list to follow people in my industry (itsm, ITIL, and business service management).


What are some of your goals for the coming year?


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