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- By Michele Marques, Associate Manager - Information Design and Development


Sometimes I wonder whether anyone is reading this blog. Providing content and getting readers is not the end goal.


Why are you writing?

My goal for this blog is to explore new directions in technical communications. I don't see this as a solo activity. I'm part of a community of communicators, customers, and other people who might inspire. Without feedback from you, I can follow other people's ideas, and I can put out my ideas, but I don't know if my ideas have influenced you.


For technical communications, I want to provide information that is useful to customers. Yes, they have to get to the documentation - but what do they do next? Perhaps the customer was stuck and can now continue. Did the documentation inspire them and help them improve processes?


Who do you influence?

If you've created web content, you might be using various web analytics to track visitors. I check how many people are viewing my blog posts. With web-based documentation, I can see how many people are viewing different topics.


What I really want to know is whether my blog posts or documentation matters to people. Does it influence them to change what they're doing? Do they share the information? Does it affect the conversation?


Anyone can set up an account on the BMC Community and leave a comment - but I recognize that not everyone who reads my blog is part of the community. I can see mentions on Twitter or comments on FaceBook.


How good is Klout at measuring influence?

Klout can grab data from various social networks and performs calculations that claim to measure influence. But is the Klout score meaningful?  John Scalzi sees Klout as the equivalent of a highschool popularity contest. Ivan Walsh writes about what Klout measures and how he increased his score.


I don't know if increasing your Klout score is really increasing your influence. Perhaps Klout can measure my influence. But I'll give it time to see if it knows the topics that matter to me.


The postings in this blog are my own and don't necessarily represent BMC's opinion or position.