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- By Michele Marques, Associate Manager - Information Design and Development


Recently, I took a health and safety training course. One of the modules was titled "Stress in the Workplace."  This lead me to think about what, as an information development manager, worries me most.


Are we documenting everything our customers need to be successful?

OK, this is probably what worries me the most. It's the biggest question, the hardest to answer, and the answer is always changing It's easy to document the steps needed to complete a procedure. It's harder to figure out customer goals and what they need to achieve those goals.


How better to learn about customer goals than by meeting customers? Last week, I blogged about some of my interactions with customers. My team is always eager to meet customers. As opportunities can be limited for information developers, we also meet with people who can bring us customer feedback, such as Support and Education.


Can the customers find the information?

Getting the information out there isn't enough, if the customer doesn't even know it exists.  There are lots of things to think of here: navigation, search, index terms. How does the customer find the documentation to begin with? Where are they looking?


What worries you?

If you're an information developer, what do you worry about? As a user, what do you worry about the documentation?



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