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- By Michele Marques, Lead Information Developer, ITSM


Are you following technical communicators on Twitter? If you want a glimpse at technical communication trends, but you don't want to follow influential technical communicators (or don't want to join Twitter), you can check out a couple of web-dailies that consolidate Tweets from technical communicators. Most posts are links to articles and blog posts. The experience is much like glancing at the headlines in a newspaper and reading articles of interest.


  • The RJ Daily gathers Twitter posts from RJ Jacquez's list of technical communicators. Typical headlines might include "10 Things Your Parents Told You That Still Apply to Social Media," " as an Alternative to Google Reader," and "How to think with clarify and make more progress than ever before!"
  • The #techcomm Daily gathers Twitter posts tagged as "#techcomm" (i.e., about technical communications). It's more focused, but only includes posts that people remember to tag. Typical headlines might include "The Pull of Content Value," "11 Essentials Every Grant Writer Needs to Know," and "Social Media for Technical Communicators - Truth or Dare."


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