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- By Michele Marques, Lead Information Developer, ITSM


Usually, when I think about technical communication and social media, I think about wikis - because wikis are about providing information and involving the reader.


Today I was looking at the Lavacon website This year, their theme is social media, so they've incorporated some social media ideas into the conference website. Some of those ideas might be neat to see in a website filled with technical content.


Ratings and popularity

In the Lavacon program descriptions, you can rate your interest between one and five stars. This is like product review sites (and some other sites), where you can rate products, movies, restaurants, whatever - and then see an average rating and a list of top-rated items. What if your readers could do this on your documentation pages?


I've seen some sites where you're asked to provide feedback that goes back to the technical communications team. Do we need to hide this information? Should everyone be able to see how useful a page is? Should you be able to get to a list of most-useful pages? That might be different from the most popular pages (where people need information, but might or might not find existing content useful).


Imagine if you could jump directly to the topic rated the most useful in the BMC Remedy IT Service Management documentation set. Perhaps there are some useful tips that you didn't even think to ask about.


Live feed

Lavacon has a live feed to show what everyone is tweeting about their conference. I don't know how helpful it is to see live tweets about the product, but it might be cool to see the relevant discussion that's happening in the relevant BMC Community.


The Wall

Lavacon's wall seems inspired by FaceBook. In a documentation wiki, every page might have it's own space to add comments. But what about a more general space to leave comments? Or to leave comments on the documentation site in general? You could have an email link or a feedback form. But by putting up a public place for these comments, your customers can respond to each other. Perhaps someone sees a suggestion and asks "what if" - taking that suggestion one step further?


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