- By Michele Marques, Lead Information Developer, ITSM


Recently, I was given access to the site statistics for my blog. Because I rarely receive comments, I wanted to see how many people are visiting my blog - and also get clues as to what brings you here, and where do you go next.I notice that some of you are finding my blog entries when you use a search engine - but the information might actually exist somewhere else in the BMC Communities or web site. Going forward, mixed in with my regular musings about new directions in technical communications, I'll include some sign-post entries, to help people find what they're searching for.


Someone found my blog when searching for BMC Remedy video tutorials. That's pretty cool, because as I mentioned in a recent post, videos are a new direction for documentation.


Video tutorials

If you're specifically looking for video tutorials, you might be interested in the following videos:


Additional videos and podcasts

Although perhaps not at the same detail level as a tutorial, you might be interested in the following videos and podcasts:

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