- By Michele Marques, Lead Information Developer, ITSM


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that most of you aren't leaving comments on my blog. I found out from one person (via another communication channel), that he didn't want to create an account with the BMC Developer Network (BMCDN) just to leave a comment. I think you're missing out on a great community if you're not part of BMCDN, but I realize that not everyone wants to join.


Well, I changed the blog settings, and now anyone can comment. If you're not logged into BMCDN, you'll have to leave your email address. Also, to help prevent spam comments, comments are on hold until approved.


If you've been holding back on commenting, please speak up! Your voice is welcome. And if you're using the BMC Today iPhone App, can you let me know if this new setting now allows you to comment?


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