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- By Michele Marques, Lead Information Developer, ITSM


The odds are, if you're reading this blog post, you're lurking - namely, reading what I have to say without joining the conversation. But don't worry; you're in good company. Most people don't leave comments either. In October 2008, I asked Are you reading this page? But, I can see from the statistics, that far more people read than comment.


When do you respond to a blog post?

On my personal blog, I got a record (for me) number of respondents when I posted a survey asking What year do you think it is? (do you call the current year "twenty ten" or "two thousand ten") I think the quick multiple choice format made it easy for many people to respond, and it's a subject on which everyone has some expertise.


How do you measure popularity?

In What's your favorite JustWriteClick post? Anne Gentle mentions that you can define a blog post's popularity by the number of comment, number of views, or number of average daily views.


What makes a post popular?

In More cowbell, Sarah O'Keefe notes that readers seem to like clever headlines and opinions (especially outrageous ones).


I've read that blogging more regularly helps attract more readers (making all posts more popular), and Alena Hitzeman provides 10 Tips for Staying on the Blogging Ball. One of her tips is to put time on your calendar for blogging. I don't know if you've noticed, but I try to post on Fridays. Sometimes I get busy, but I agree that having that item on my calendar makes it more likely that I'll actually post something during the week.


Of course, I don't expect my posts to become as popular as the YouTube video United Breaks Guitars. And even more importantly, as fellow blogger Anirban Dutta writes, the song's social media campaigned moved an airline giant to action.


Where do you spend your time?

Of course, when you're not sitting in front of your computer,  you might not be reading a blog. Personally, I spend much of my daily commute listening to podcasts. If you commute by train, maybe you can use the BMC Today iPhone App to catch up on BMC blogs, podcasts, news, and thought leadership white papers. Now you'll have more time to read this blog - and maybe leave a comment.


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