- By Michele Marques, Lead Information Developer, ITSM

Writers are concerned about documentation in an Agile environment. Here are my two cents.

More and more developers are moving to Agile. As a result, information developers and technical writers are struggling with the best approach to creating documentation in an Agile environment. We don't want to write too much too early, for fear we will have to rework the document, as features change in subsequent iterations.


Anne Gentle blogged   about creating a Documentation Plan in an Agile environment. Her approach is to keep the doc plan high-level, and not get into all the details. My approach is to include updates to the doc plan in the schedule.   I plan to work on the most solid features first, and update plans with each iteration.


One great suggestion from Melody Locke is to include documentation in the acceptance criteria. I like this suggestion regardless of the development methodology being used. If documentation is truly part of the product, the product isn't complete without appropriate and accurate documentation.


I'm still fairly new to agile. But I like getting feedback from customers early on. When we receive customer feedback in the early stages, it's easier to make adjustments. When I get feedback on the documentation, I have time to make the guides better serve the customer's information needs.


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