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I got tapped to write some blog posts on BMC Atrium Orchestrator topics.  Here are the ideas I have so far:


  1. Architecture best practices, including:
    • How Many Peers
    • CDPs vs. APs vs. LAPs
    • Scaling
    • Redundancy
  2. Terminal Adapter Feature Examples
    • non-unix shells
    • proxy log-ins
    • how prompts work
    • return codes
    • what can go wrong
  3. BAO 7.7.xx and SSO, getting started
  4. Monitor Adapters, Adapter Events, and Rules
  5. Use Cases
  6. <insert other ideas here>


I'll update this list.  If anyone actually reads this, and has some ideas, leave them in the comments.


Topics can run the gamut.  Is there an advanced concept you've not needed but always wondered about?  Maybe something simple that tripped you up when you were just starting with BAO?  I'll also accept topics that are just documented badly, and we can work together to come up with something better or more inclusive.


As always, I reserve the right to agree topics would be great to do, and then refuse to do them for whatever reason.  Also note that blog posts are not protected from public view, so I won't be going into BAO product futures or defects.


Let me know.