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I'm one of those types that has to push the big red button.  Yes, I know.  There is a sign on it that says "DO NOT PUSH THE BIG RED BUTTON".  And thus it was with the link on my BMC Communities profile that said: Create a Blog.  So of course I pushed it.  I figure if I am not supposed to have a BMC Communities Blog, it wouldn't work.


Well, here we are.


I work in BMC Premier Support.  I work with customers on BMC Atrium Orchestrator and a minor way with MyIT.  MyIT is rather new, so we're all on the ground floor with that so far.  I was in BMC's Consulting Services before joining BMC Support, and I've worked extensively with BAO implementations, integration, and coding.


The usual disclaimers: I don't know often I'll actually post.  I don't know if I'll have much to say when I do.  I do not promise that I can spell.  I do know the difference between to/too/two, there/their/they're, and it's/its, but sometimes my fingers and brain are not on the same page so I can't promise to always type in the right one.