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Tips to get more out of the BMC Communities


Hi All,


First of all, a BIG thanks to people for posting and responding to queries. All the three CE secret forums (see below page) are showing good results in improving customer satisfaction and experience and also helping up broaden our knowledge.

CE Internal Communities


As we are using these forums more and more, just thought of sharing a few tips that help us to get more out of these forums:


  1. Appreciation and acknowledgement is always a good thing to do as it motivates people to respond to posts. So ensure to mark the responses as Helpful or Correct.
  2. Consider closing the threads once done, as this helps people in identify and concentrate on open threads easily.
  3. Whenever a critical issue is resolved, if appropriate create a Blog / KA so that the solution is easily available to all. In the process, also revise (alter or deprecate) any existing KA / Blog as applicable. If needed a TB or need help in documenting intimate and work with the IDD staff.
  4. Before creating a new post, spend some time in searching the BMC COMMUNITIES to see if any existing posts are there. This helps reduce the noise by eliminating duplicate posts.
  5. As new people move in to the organization (BMC), invite or make them aware of these secret forums so they can benefit from these.


In addition I think the below are also good guidelines.

  1. Being BMC staff, one can use the secret forums and also participate in the public forums. So while responding to public forum threads and if you are giving reference to an existing thread, ensure that the link does not belong to a secret / private forum.
  2. Adding an avatar and using understandable names help at times to see who's who.
  3. While responding to public forums, make sure not to make any commitments for fixing something or addressing something in future. Such things are done by BMC product managers. As contributors we can share our thoughts, knowledge and ideas.
  4. Always be polite while responding to discussions.
  5. While giving references to existing KAs, make sure that the article is published to public or is not Internal.
  6. It is ok to share some existing defect or RFE numbers. But if you find a KA, that references the defect/RFE, share the KA link.
  7. Do not share any BMC internal document link SDDs, Confluence or Jira links etc. in public forums.


Also refer to the below Blog I created for some general guideline when providing solution to customers.

OOTB workflow change should not be given as a workaround


I hope these tips help and make sense to be followed. Feel free to comment or give your feedback (agreement or disagreement).


Happy communicating