-by Blake Ethridge, BMCDN


Another new feature on the new upgraded BMC Developer Network (BMCDN) is private messaging. Not only can you now send a private message to another BMCDN user, but you can also send private messages to multiple users, have your own personal address book and create your own custom folders for managing all messages. The following is a quick overview of this new feature.


On your member profile page (as displayed below), you will now see a new tab at the top called "Private Messages." From here you can view and manage your private messages.




Additionally, on the right column of your member profile (as displayed below) it will show the most recent private messages you have received (with any you haven't yet red listed in bold).









Main Private Messages Page

On the main "Private Messages" page you will see a list of all your folders on the left and your inbox on the right.




From this page you can:

  • Browse/compose messages.

  • Browse/manage your folders.

  • Browse your inbox.

  • Access your address book.

  • Access your private message RSS Feed.







Managing Your Address Book

With the new "Private Message" capability you now can manage your own private address book of contacts on the BMC Developer Network (BMCDN).


Adding Contacts

Add new contacts to your address book by filling in their usernames. When in doubt, usernames can easily be found to the right of user avatars on their member profiles (as displayed below).




Messaging Contacts

When composing any new private message you can additionally select anyone from your address book or go to their member profile and click on "send private message."


Sending Messages to Multiple Users:

  • Add them to your contact book.

  • Access your "Address Book" page.

  • Use the checkboxes on the far right to check everyone you want to include in the message.






Managing Folders


In addition to being able to send and receive private messages, you can also more easily manage them by creating different folders to sort them as you see fit. This added feature will make it easier to keep your inbox manageable and your messages sorted in their own relevant folders. New folders you create appear just below the trash option on the far left column (as displayed below).








RSS Feed for Your Private Messages


Below the link for your "Address Book" on the left column is an option for subscribing to an RSS Feed for all your private messages. This gives you an additional way to easily get your private messages.






Receiving Private Messages


When you get a new private message, you will receive an email sent to your email address on file with the subject: "You have a new private message on the BMCDN."

Additionally, you will see any new private messages display in bold on the right column of your member profile. If you are subscribed to your private message RSS Feed, you will also be able to see new messages that way.






Trash Folder


By default when you delete any messages they go to your trash folder. All trash messages are deleted daily, so if there is a message you want to keep be sure and place it in a non-trash folder.
Any messages in your trash folder do not count against your overall account limit of messages.


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