I'm sure Microsoft had good reasons for doing this, but from my perspective the default settings for tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer 7 are simply ridiculous.  So ridiculous I had to blog about it.


So if you're like me you're too busy to go figure out why the IE Tabbed Browsing feature doesn't seem to work right.  With "Tabbed Browsing" you expect to see tabs instead of new windows, right?  That's not the default.  More ridiculous - if you launch a browser URL from another application, it WILL appear in a tab inside an already-open browser window.  So you end up with all these unrelated pages in one window, and all the related pages are scattered around different windows.  AAAGGGHH.  I lived with this for quite a while before somebody mentioned that I can control this behavior with settings.


Internet Explorer 7 CAN and SHOULD work better for things like BMC Remedy applications (and probably most others as well).


First there's settings for Tabs on the Tools-->Internet Options General sheet:  Click that:



If you click the Settings button under Tabs, you will see the settings (which were set this way by default, and will return to this by clicking the handy "Restore defaults" button):



Is that standard IE or some weird IT profile unique to BMC?  I'm sure somebody would love to explain why these are the defaults, but I like to have links launched in another tab so everything I click through stays in the same window.  And I like to have unrelated things that I launch from email, Windows Explorer, etc. launched in a new window so I can see the title on the Windows task bar.  So here are the settings that work best for me, particularly when using BMC Remedy ITSM:



There are many things that baffle me here, like if IE knows enough to "decide how pop-ups should open" why doesn't it do that by default?  Or always open links in a new tab like Firefox.  If I let IE decide, it opens links in a new tab like I would expect.  Maybe I'm just tired and confused.  There are frequently asked questions like mine here:


Anyway I hope that helps if you happen to come across this and didn't realize you were living with weird behavior.  I mean the way Internet Explorer behaves!!