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Moves and grooves


Behind the scenes a great deal has been going on for me personally. I have not been posting a great deal here for a reason, and it is not that I lost interest in it, or ran out of Linux things to say.



First off, I am changing BMC offices, moving from our headquarters location to Austin, Texas. There is nothing sinister about any of that really: I just want to live in Austin, nearer to the Open Source action... the Bar Camps, and so forth.



Secondly, you might have noticed a change in the description of my title: I have also left management and returned to 100% technical work. Again, there is nothing deeply mysterious about that either. After being a first line manager for 20 of my 30 year career, I noticed something: I had stayed technical. This blog is part of that, and herein over the last three years I have described in fair detail the technical things my team has been up to. In talking about that to my manager, we decided that perhaps it was time to be a full time techie again, and he helped me make that happen. That is also coincided with my move to Austin is no coincidence either. Everything sort of fell into place at the same time, and I have to say that while scary at first, I have been deeply looking forward to diving back in.



What that should mean for this blog is *more* material, not less.... once I get settled in to the groove of course. I have been doing my old job here for so long, it has taken me a while to get transitioned over. August also means vacation in Far West Texas for me of course, and I have been talking a little about my vacation adventures over in my personal blog.


Torn between two cities


Part of being straddled between two offices between now and December, when I make the big jump, is that I have two desks. Two offices. Two sets of machines to maintain. Fortunately, I can build computers with parts from the trash can and they are highly functional. My Houston office was stacked to the rafters with my computer resurrections. My PCLinuxOS unit came West as a place for me to land "here" (I'm in Austin as I write this) for starters. A test CentOS system also came out: the one that Dan had grabbed from me to set up a test system I talked about in the CentOS NAS cluster article series [part two ]. That is up and running, and so my new experiment was to look at CentOS as a user desktop OS. More on that in a different post, and later.



Another thing was resurrecting a Dell laptop and making it dual boot with WinXP and Mint 5. That too will be a different post. This is using the recently updated Mint 5 R1, so it will essentially be 'new'.



One other thing keeping me busy has been that, as BMC has bought a few companies, such as BladeLogic, we have had some opportunities to consolidate some of our regional R&D data centers. Here is a fun fact: about three years ago, we had over 15,000 computers in the CMDB listed as being assigned to various R&D missions. As we have moved towards various Green initiatives, and virtualized like crazy, we have taken that number to less than 9,000. I alluded to one small part of that in "Virtually Greener". Two data center consolidations will be coming up between now and next spring, and affect over 1500 of those computers. Getting that done and keeping R&D uninterrupted is a huge project, and this one does not generate a great deal of time with Linux other than as an end user. Lions and Tigers and Spreadsheets, oh my! Thank goodness has improved Calc with the 2.x releases!