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My bet as to why the MAPI stuff from Evolution is not working yet


Last week in "New MAPI connector project for Evolution" I wrote about the new MAPI access project I had uncovered for Evolution. I mentioned there I was a bit dubious about how they would be able to do the API work that HP was not able to do over the course of years with HP OpenMail. I think the plan to get it going relied on the fact the MS was going to publish the API's as part of the EC's ongoing anti-monopoly legal actions and MS's responses. A very long and complicated and generally hairy subject beyond the scope of this simple post.



Over at ZDNet, I read this article today titled Gaps found in Microsoft Exchange API documentation.



I am reading a bit between the lines here, and extrapolating from history, but I am pretty sure this is the cause of the problems I have had with testing the new MAPI service provider.



Last week I grabbed up my trusty IBM T41 laptop, which is running OpenSUSE 10.3. I had two big experiments I wanted to do. In the late night hours I loaded up both the KDE4 desktop, and the MAPI stuff from jjohnny.





As one would expect from a basically Alpha / early beta project, there was no real doc to speak of. The FAQ gave me the clues I needed once I had installed the RPM's to get the MAPI service to even show up. That was in fact the hardest bit. Here is what basically worked, right before it did not work at all.



  1. Downloaded the three required RPMS from jjohnny (at the link above) to a special directory
  2. Installed the RPMS with 'sudo rpm -uvh *.rpm' while in that directory. No Errors.
  3. Rebooted to be sure the box was clean of pre-running processes
  4. Brought up Evolution
  5. Enabled the MAPI service provider in 'edit/plugins'. This was key! Before that, the "domain" question would not appear in the account setup dialogs.
  6. Set up MS Exchange account info in 'edit / preferences'
  7. Exited Evolution and again rebooted just to be sure everything was all clear. Felt like I was using MS Windows. :)




Everything looked OK, except that when I started Evolution, it would crash dump. I sent that to the Gnome folks.

Now I see this article and lights start going on. I wondered how the Evo people were planning on getting this ramped up so fast: They had 2.24 as their target release!



I checked right before penning this article: no new RPMs for MAPI since last week. I will keep trying as I find or have new things to try. For now though, WebDAV/Connector is still my Linux way into my MS sourced calendar.