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Filters on Mint / Ubuntu and Evolution 2.12 stop working from time to time. Here is a workaround.


I subscribe to many different mailing lists on the Internet. Things like KDE and Evolution's development lists are pretty active. I already get hundred of emails a day that are part of my regular day job. To keep this all separated out and clean, I use the built in filtering capabilities of Evolution. The filtering facility is pretty mature and fairly powerful. It does what I need it to do. Most of the time.


Since loading up Mint 4.0 on my desktop system, where I run the filters, I from time to time, and for no apparent reason, lose the filters. Sort of.


The filters are still there and defined. I can select a message or range of messages, then use cntrl-y to fire them, and they work. They just do not work when new email arrives.


The solution / workaround is easy, and I found it here:

The fix coming from the Ubuntu forum is further proof that Mint is not far from its Ubuntu roots, at least for apps like this.

In case you don't want to dig the fix out of that post, here it is:


  1. Stop Evolution
  2. Delete/rename the file ~/.evolution/mail/exchange/YOUR_EXCHANGE_ACCOUNT/personal/subfolders/Inbox/summary
  3. Delete/rename the file ~/.evolution/mail/exchange/YOUR_EXCHANGE_ACCOUNT/personal/subfolders/Inbox/summary-meta
  4. Restart Evolution, and let it re-filter things

That is all there is to it. Should be pretty easy to script that, but it is annoying to have to do it at all. In my last post, "More Mepis", I referred towards the end to Evolution being fragile, and this is they type of issue that I was referring to. Evolution just does not do a good job noticing and correcting for (or prompting for correction) to cruft in its configuration and meta-data files. It just starts acting weird.


I do wish Koffice would get up to speed on MS Exchange interactions via WebDAV. I would like to have another choice than Evolution for when it is having bad days. Or bad releases. The real solution would to be to not use MS Exchange of course, rather something that plays nicer with others. That is not a choice I have.