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A quick update on bug 431253


Robert Peterson over at Redhat has now been able to re-create our bug. He posted on the 13th of February:


By using a non-root user, I've recreated the problem using the hp-ux
machine.  I've also compared what's happening against a Fedora 8 nfs
client with suggestions from Steve Dickson.  The difference between
the two calls is this:

The Fedora 8 nfs client specifies a create mode of 2 (exclusive)
whereas the hp-ux client specifies a create mode of 0 (unchecked).
Now I'll backtrack how create mode 0 is handled by nfs and gfs as
opposed to ext3.



There has been some back and forth since then, and a few things tried, but no headshot fix just yet.

In the meantime, we have another week of uptime with no issues on Dan's patch, and are moving more files to the cluster.

I *said* it was going to be quick.... which is just as well. Next Tuesdays about Mepis is over 3300 words so far....