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Ron Michael joins the ranks of bloggers here at TalkBMC concerned with all things “Open”, but with a mainframe twist to it


There is a new blog in town, and for those of you who prefer a more technical bent to your blogging, have I got a deal for you!


I have worked with Ron Michael for years, and he has been the guy who has kept our Linux on the mainframe healthy and happy for a long time. Ron is not afraid to go after *anything*. Just because  he does not yet actually know anything about something does not stop him from diving in and learning it.


When he and I first sat down to talk about where I wanted to take our Z series Linux over the next few years (In R&D Support, my team has the Linux part of the mainframe as well as all other platforms that it runs on), he brought to the table years of mainframe experience, diagnostics, and coding, as well as the kind of holistic understanding one gets from being a well rounded geek. What I am trying to say here is that Ron builds lasers for fun. Real ones. Like for 3D holography and stuff. He is also a machinist. And a helicopter pilot. There is nothing he can not do when he decides he wants to do it.


I brought general Linux knowledge, and VM systems programming experience. He listened, learned, generalized, and has come up with some amazing stuff. Ron was my collaborator for the SHARE presentations I have given about Linux image cloning as well.


Open For Mainframe” is where Ron will be talking about all sorts of technical things as they apply to the mainframe. It will more than likely be fare for folks who want the deeper dive into the kind of things most folks don't really consider about what it takes to run Linux on the mainframe. Tips and tricks. Maybe some code snippets. All sorts of things. Along the way I am sure he will be posting articles of a more general nature, since he is both a specialist and a generalist.


Watch that space for all sorts of new and interesting things. I have it added to my RSS feed. That way I can stay informed as to what he is up to! If nothing else, I need to know if he is equipping any sharks with lasers..