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Quickie update on the Kernel Hackage post


I just wanted to get a quick update out before the weekend started on how the hacked CentOS NAS server is doing. See for a complete description of the problem.


The patient is fine, and is resting comfortably. It does not appear to have suffered for our addition of code. HP-UX clients are burbling along happily, as are all the bajillion others.


A postmortem of how this slipped through showed that HP-UX clients running Connectathon ( ) work just fine against the unpatched CentOS. Something about Connectathon does not use the same code path to create a file that the regular HP-UX utilities do. Since we do not have source to HP-UX, we can not even begin to guess what that is. Bottom line: Connectathon certification of a new NAS server is now no longer sufficient: We will need to do some manual certification too.


The good news is that now it acts just like is should. Quiet, no trouble, acting like a cluster should and failing over things when it ought to. We'll let it cruise along a bit longer and then migrate a few more things to it.