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Not keeping up with it has not stopped anyone from making new year’s resolutions! Similarly fear of failing is not going to stop me from making new year predictions! :) So here are my predictions for the new year,

Suhas’ IT Predictions for 2013 (and beyond)


More Focus on Driving Business through Innovation

Until now enterprise IT has been busy making itself more relevant to business. This is why we would always see “better align IT with the business” listed as one of the top five goals in CIO surveys. 2013 will be the year where IT will have to step up from worrying about better alignment with the business and move on to driving more business through innovation. The role of Chief Information Officer needs to evolve into Chief Innovation Officer, a role that will prove very strategic for taking organizations to the next level. Successful CIOs will make this transition and use analytics to map future needs of the business.


IT Becomes Invisible and Magical

Running an IT organization today is in many ways like flying an aircraft. There are hundreds of controls and levers and it requires specialized knowledge and expertise. However, passengers that are flying in that plane want a very  simple, on demand, rich user interface to the services they desire. Most planes today have mastered the on-demand experience for the passengers but the pilots still deal with a complex cockpit. Wouldn’t IT be nice if the cockpit also evolves into a dashboard of a modern car? That way IT administrators are not having to look at hundreds of controls and are able to run IT with minimal effort. At the same time, we want to make the overall experience for the end users so seamless that they don’t even realize that there is an IT organization behind everything that they are consuming. This is what I call invisible IT, where for the end user, IT is almost not there because things just seem to work like magic. And for the IT professional, IT is simplified and easier to run! So my prediction, if you look beyond 2013, is that in next 10 years most IT departments as we know of them will not exist. They will become so good that they will become invisible and almost magical!