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I have a special passion for the field of robotics. As a graduate research student, I had the privilege of doing my master's thesis at the Center of Intelligent Machines and Robotics (CIMAR) lab at the University of Florida. These days, I don't get to do much hands on work on Robotics but my passion for it is still as strong!


Here is an example of applied Robotics that is so simple to understand yet so powerful when you think of it. No wonder the new age retailing giant Amazon has scooped them up for such a high price. Is this the beginning of the commercialization of micro robots? It is a no brainer that Amazon would use it extensively to streamline their own supply chain warehouse systems. However it would be interesting to see how Jeff Bezos combines this with AWS and the new age research they are doing there.


Do watch these amazing, simple Kiva Robots in action in a warehouse. Amazon just bought Kiva for $ 775 Million.