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Welcome to “All Ideas Considered”. Intriguing thing about innovation is that you can always learn some valuable lessons from innovative ideas regardless of their domain of applicability. This is one of the reasons why I chose to call my blog “all ideas considered”!


Today, I am going to showcase a fabulous innovation that has nothing to do with IT or software domain. However we can still take a valuable lesson from it.



Take a look at an award winning invention called the ACCEPTOR. This invention addresses a simple problem of making the experience of getting injected less traumatic. What the team at No Formulae realized was that “Perceived pain is larger than actual pain” meaning anticipation of getting an injection was sometimes more than actual pain of receiving one. They looked at their target customers (kids) and wanted to make the experience a bit more fun. They argued what if the injection did not look like an injection but instead it looked more like a toy, a toy that the kid can get after he or she receives the shot! That is how ACCEPTOR idea was born.



Reason I find this innovation very valuable is the fact that it directly addresses a customer problem. When innovation happens with the customer pain point in focus, then you are guaranteed to create something valuable. Also this innovation changes the customer experience in a very simple and elegant way. Innovation when solving direct customer needs and is enhancing overall user experience is destined for success! This is the same philosophy that we try to use in the Incubator group and it is certainly showing results!


Here are some images of the invention referred above,



"Perceived Pain Is Greater Than The Actual Pain. So for a regular syringe to be less daunting, we had to change it's look" -Bhavna Bhahri