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The new line of Macbook Pro's hit the streets last week, and the specs and benchmarks I've seen look good. I'm conjuring up a business case for why corporate marketing writers need Apple computers - to my knowledge, the only BMC-ers using Macs are graphic designers and I am sure there are a few hanging around development labs, etc. 


I know Bob Beauchamp is an Apple fan, and has definitely been a strong advocate for bringing the iphone to BMC employees (thanks, Bob and the entire IT team for making it happen!) We have ipad support internally, as well, which is really cool. Now about the new MacBook Pro's. . .


When my current laptop takes a dump and Steve Jobs personally hand-builds me a replacement, I'll definitely want a new bag to carry it in.  Here are a few that have made my short list. Just because we work in data centers - or stuffy offices, or in the basement with our favorite stapler - doesn't mean we have to look like it, right?


At the top of my list are these handmade bags stitched from vintage suit jackets by Etsy seller SewMuchStyle. They're all one-of-a-kind, made to order, and handmade in the USA.


Recycled Suit Coat Laptop Bag

by SewMuchStyle, on