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Let's have some fun, if that's allowed. For the rest of the week, I'm accepting your suggestions and votes on a song topic. It can be about anything - tech topics are obvious choices, since this is a software forum (and who doesn't love a jolly tune about underprovisioned onsite storage?) - but since my blog is about anything and everything, you don't have to stay focused on tech.


I'll take the winning idea as of Monday, February 21st at 12:00 a.m. and write and record a full song about it - working in an indulgent accordion solo, of course, and publish the completed song as a free MP3 download for your enjoyment / repulsion / massacre sometime next week. Stay tuned to my blog or follow me on Twitter @accordionsolo to hear what idea wins and get notified when the MP3 is live. 


Anything goes, as long as it is safe for work - and while my definition is slightly more lenient than others, I will delete any and all suggestions that are profane or blatantly offensive.


Suggest and vote here, and please tweet / share on facebook so we can get a really diverse group of suggestions to vote on.