Yesterday evening, I went to my first gathering of a cool meet-up group here in Austin, TX called “Sit Down, Shut Up, and Write.” The premise is exactly what the name suggests. Members meet at a local coffee shop, and the first 30 minutes is time to grab a drink and chat, etc. The next hour you are expected to literally sit down, shut up, and write. It’s not a group for critiquing each other’s work or collaborating. It’s basically meant for writers that need a rare block of uninterrupted time to work.


I’m working on a short story about a man that collects rope, with a surprise ending that is such a surprise that I haven’t even made it up yet. I’ll probably still be working on it a year from now, but maybe not, if I keep going to these meet-ups.


I find that the discipline of putting myself in a situation where I am expected to write (and subsequently feel accountable to the other group members) is a great way to be more productive on my personal creative projects.


Plus, I like caffeine and circus freaks, both of which are available in droves at Austin coffee shops.


Anyone else join any cool meetups - in Austin or otherwise - that are worth sharing?