Mashable reports that more than 56,000 schools are bringing Facebook competitor Everloop into the classrooms.


The social networking site allegedly requires parental permission for a child ages 8 -13 to join, and a variety of parental notifications are in place to keep parents up to speed on their childrens actions.


Many kids in the "tween" demographic are already Tweeting and Facebook-ing to their little hearts content, passing the age verification required at signup with the age-old practice of flat out lying about their birthdays, the same way I do to stay in the Baskin Robbins birthday club 20 years after my eligibility expires. Free cone, woot!


Parents: What do you think? What benefits does social networking have in our public school system? Will it prep our kids with tools to enter the next-generation workforce, or is it an unncessary distraction?


Comment away, I'm curious about your take!